Sample Letter to Saudi Embassy for Degree Attestation

sample letter to saudi embassy from saudi sponsor

If you require Degree attestation in your home country by Saudi Embassy / Consulate, you will be asked for a Letter from your Sponsor – Employer in Saudi Arabia To Saudi Embassy – Consulate in your home country. Normally the contents of this letter are… You are an employee working with the employer and employer has no objection if Saudi Consulate attest your documents. However the letter is written in Arabic language as the official language for communication with Saudi Embassy is Arabic. Also the letter must be attested by Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia to make sure the official signature and stamp is real and not fake.

Mostly expat employee don’t know how to explain their sponsor to issue such a letter for Saudi Embassy and when they request such a letter, even employers don’t have any idea, what the employee is actually looking for.

Upon so many requests, I am presenting a sample letter that an employee can copy and ask his / her sponsor to issue him such a letter. Please note that it is a sample letter and you need to change its contents to match the original content as per your bio-data. For instance the following details.

  • Line 1: Issue No / Serial No (This would be an auto-generated number that a a company keeps for its records, this is not mandatory).
  • Line 2 and 3: Issue Date in Gregorian and Hijri Calendar.
  • Line 5: Location of Embassy – Consulate (City + Country).
  • Line 8: Name of Employee as written on Iqama + Nationality of employee.
  • Line 16: Name of your sponsor / employer + his signature.
  • Ending: Employer / Sponsor’s official stamp (Must be attested by Chamber of Commerce).

Sample Letter to Saudi Embassy issued by Saudi Sponsor employer

Letter from your employer to Saudi Embassy
Letter from your employer to Saudi Embassy

Once you get this letter from your sponsor & get it attested as well, additional requirements are copy of your iqama + copy of your passport. and you can read the full procedure here which I explained earlier. HOW TO GET YOUR DEGREE ATTESTED FROM YOUR HOME COUNTRY

Once you get attested degree you can apply for change of profession or apply for family visa in Saudi Arabia

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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • Hala Mohammad

    I am a resident in ksa i got my degree from a pakistan university … I am under the sponsorship of my father Do i need to attest my degree from saudi embassy in order to complete studies or do job in ksa

  • Mohammad Ali

    Dear i am new to Saudi Arab, i have no idea how to start process for my family visa. My # 0540642822. Can anyone guide me as.j


    Assalamalaikum Bhai my online visit visa aply Kara esko aab Jeddah jawazat mein submit karna hai yea application tho Jeddah mein jawazat office kidar hai adrees plz

  • paryalsana123456 alikhan

    yasir bhi help me bhi urgent i hav my family iqma visa issused name of karachi so i want stamping from islamabad embassy. that is say give me E number idont know i have offical passport /visa /medical .i am army person so i am 2momth ofter go back pakistan .not coming this is last chance my family so please my con 0583276681 miss

  • Guest

    jhat qadoom is karachi ,but that going A R M Y preson bus islamabad place visa stamping so please help me

  • paryalsana123456 alikhan

    yasir bhi help me bhi urgent i hav my family iqma visa issused name of karachi so i want stamping from islamabad embassy. that is say give me E number idont know i have offical passport /visa /medical .i am army person so i am 2momth ofter go back pakistan .not coming this is last chance my family so please my con 0583276681 miss

  • Dear I submit my educational certificate to my HR now they are saying they did not return original documents to me because they need to submit original documents, if i change my profession i will lose my original certificate

    please advice & supervise me

  • raju

    My profession is computer programmer and my certificate is BSC Science and Mathamatics so they refuse permanent family visa please can you advice me which profession is suitable for my certificate.

    • You should get a person with you who is having strong communication skills in Arabic. Then try to convince Istikdam office that your degree is related with your profession.

  • muhammad_Rizwan

    Thanks for sharing sample letter to Saudi embassy. Please can you share us a letter to Saudi Cultural Office (Pakistan)? will it be in English or Arabic? you can send it to me on “”. Because i asked one agent in Pakistan for attestation of my documents he asked me for 2 letter from my company in Saudi. One is for embassy and one is for Saudi Cultural Office. .

    One more question is that that letter should be attested by Chamber of Commerce and as well as Foreign office in Saudi Arabia? or is it enough to attest by only Chamber of Commerce ?. waiting for your kind reply.

  • Sohail Ahmed Khan

    I would like to know that someone told me that if i want to get my degree attestation from saudi cultural attache then i will have to send my degree to same city i got the entry visa from i,e. i can not get my degree attested from karachi saudi cultural attache if i got my entry visa from islamabad, is it true?

    • on the bases of general knowledge i got from Saudi Arabia, I can say it is true. However I don’t have an authorized proof.

  • Elmer P.

    I would like to request for a copy of the sample letter to the Saudi Embassy in MS Word format. Thanks and best regards.

    • I have sent the letter to you via email. Please check your email

      • hassan

        Aslam-o-alkum Dear
        I want aslo in word from can u send me on email thanks

        • The download link is provided at the end of article. Just click the sharing button and you will see the link.

  • Kumar Sivadas

    Dear Yasir,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on your initiatives.I am a regular follower of your blog and I think you are doing a terrific job.Whatever you mention is quite precise and highly informative.Look forward to reading more content from your blog.I am based in Al-Khobar and you could reach me at

  • Balaji

    Dear Yasir , I am Working as a electrical engineer in Qassim saudi arabia in electrician visa how to change my iqama and i did not attest my Degree certificates in india and saudi arabia.

    • Brother, If you need family visa, you got to go step by step in legal way. I explained all the procedure at my Blog. First get your degree attested, change your profession into a suitable profession and then apply family visa in Istikdam office.