How to Change Profession in Saudi Arabia

Changing Profession in Saudi Arabia

Changing your Profession in Saudi Arabia doesn’t mean to leave your existing job and do something else but it means to change the profession that is mentioned on your Work Permit or Iqama. Why do someone want to change it? because it has huge impact on benefits and facilities you get in Saudi Arabia being a foreign worker. Including ability to apply for a Family Visa for yourself.

To Change Profession mentioned in your work permit you got to fulfill some requirements and rules. As per Saudi Arabian Ministry of labor you must be doing a technical job and earning a good lively hood to support your family in the Kingdom. That’s why labors and general staff are not entitled to apply for a family visa.

If an expatriate want to call his family on resident visa he must belong to a professional or technical job and his/her work permit should also state that. Every expatriate in Saudi Arabia has an Iqama (Resident permit) which states his profession.

If an expatriate is living in Saudi Arabia and his profession is not eligible for applying for a family visa he got an option to change his profession in his/her work permit. This doesn’t mean he has to change his job, but this is just like a requirement in documents.

1. Prerequisites to Changing Profession in Saudi Arabia

Once you have done Documents attestation from Saudi Consulate in your home country, bring your documents in Saudi Arabia and attest again from following.

  • Consulate of your home countery
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia (located in Jeddah or any other city called خارجیہ)

2. Submit an Application for Change of Profession

Your company / sponsor must issue a letter that you are an employee to them and doing same kind of work as per your qualification and degree and also you are intended to change your profession as per same work. Now translate your degree into Arabic from an approved Translation Center in Saudi Arabia.

Then Find a good General Service Agency/Agent. These agencies and agents have their offices at Jawazat Street in Jeddah and you can find by yourself in other cities. Discuss necessary details with them. They will tell their requirements and fees.  Settle a suitable amount that is acceptable for both parties. Also make sure your new profession will be eligible for Applying a Family Visa, the best option to ask is nearest Istikdam Office (The department of Ministry of Labor which is responsible for issuing Family Visas to expatriates working Saudi Arabia.)

Once your profession is changed to a suitable profession you may apply for a family visa anytime. Further process is very simple that I will explain later.

  • zohaib ali

    i am thankful and want more detail to change mhy profession . i am a pakistani came to saudia on labour vis.i have MS finance degree not yet attested by the saudia embassy,how can i attest the degree?

    • imran

      u can attest it from MOF and ur home country embassy …… what profession u want u dont need degree for all profession and your profession change will cost u 2500 to 2700 if u want email me at

  • abdulkader

    hello, this was the old process

    the new process you dont need any degree or certificates.

    as long as your company is in green nikaty system, all you need is your company pin or your sponsor to update the job profile in the system registry of the website for mol and pay the 1000 fees. profession is updated within 24 hours


    • Prosaudi Blogger

      That is true. In the new system change of profession is so easy and quick.

      • Joseph Lubrica

        what is the procedure? please reply or call me. 0551594231

      • shahnawaj

        Shahnawaj ali
        Dear can you give me your no i wanna talk to you regarding profession change

      • Danilo Tenorio

        Please call me I would like to ask for some advise from you regarding profession change.

        Thank you in advance.


      • Balaji.N

        Dear sir ,

        I have been working saudi arabia past two year as a engineer but i came here as a electrician visa in my iqama also as a electrician only . i want to change my iqama as a engineer and passport also i have my certificates .But i completed diploma DEEE (2 years) then engineering BE EEE (3 years) . is there any possible to change my profession iqama & passport .

    • Babu Kadam

      Hello Mr.Abdulkader,

      Are you sure… does not required degree certificates to change his profession if he is working in green nikaty system?
      Can you please let me know Technician Electrical profession is suitable for family visa profession?

      Thanking you,

      • vinod

        pls inform formalities of profesion change and take family visa


      my KAFIL in Riyadh
      i want to change my profession which is HOUSE DRIVER
      what is the proper way to change my profession
      could you pleas let me know about that
      waiting for replay of my FRIEND who can help me in that.

      • Yasir Imran

        These days it is possible for change professions even for house drivers.
        You should consult your kafeel for further help because he is the one who can do it for you.

        • Mohammed Ismail

          Assalamualaikum, brother yasir, i am an indian expat and i want to change my profession and need transfer. Presently i have a visa of house driver please give me details how can i changed profession and get transfer please help me brother.

    • mdmuzaffar

      is it TRUE….

  • salman

    can i bring my mother on permanent & visit visa my iqama profession is kharbai amm . ? before i apply online visit visa at and they rejected like this ( foriegn ministry appolgies to meet your demand). there is any other to apply manually visit visa for mother . plz help me m v.upset due to this issue .

  • Joyce

    OK, Profession is Changed in Iqama. But how to change profession in Passport which is very much important to get visa on arrival at any GCC countries.. Any solution or how to change profession in Passport?

  • Muhammad

    I m in a situation here, profession in my ikama is changed but how to change profession on passport?
    Whenever i apply for family visa ministry reject that your profession is not same as ikama. Plz help.
    Mobile: 0535238130

    • Shamil

      invalid number

  • zubair

    Dear Brothers,
    We would like to inform, that we are offering our services for Maktab Amal,Jawazat, & family visa for transfer sponsorship and profession change within 3 days. kindly please contact on below email for further information.
    We have been dealing many cases and we guarantee our work
    Send brief details of your case, Iqama title, place of issue for Iqama, Iqama category etc

    • muhammed anwar

      i am first time saudi arebia my profeaaionel welding visa,how do you change sponcer ship please help me.3 days stay

  • waqar

    i am thankful and want more detail to change mhy profession . i am a pakistani came to saudia on labour vis.i have MS finance degree not yet attested by the saudia embassy,how can i attest the degree?

  • mohammed moin

    if ur changed profession in iqama then u go to jawazat and do mashriyat in ur passport

  • S George

    Hello, currently my profession is mason in the Iqama now I want to change it to Material Specialist. Can you advise me is there any certificate or something needed to change to Material Specialist and kindly let me know arabic name for this profession?

    thank you for the support

  • Ahmad

    I am living in Saudi Arabia for last 2 yrs. And now due to Nitaqat roles I have to leave this country Because I am not working with my sponsor. I am very important to my current company so the are offering me Company’s Visa. For that I have to go final exit from current visa and comeback again on new visa. So someone please can make it clear what will be the procedure ? it will be very appreciated. Before I go back on final exit should I get a paper from my current sponsor ? In which should be mentioned that my current sponsor has no complain against me. and I worked good for him and if I will come back again in KSA on any other new visa so he has no problem with it. Also What else documents I should have ?

    • linda jose

      dont forget to take a photocopy of your exit paper and retain the photocopy with you thats very important. my husband cudnt go back to saudi arabia without that paper for 6 months.

  • Muhammed Basheer

    my profession become change to computer operator,is eligible this profession for family visiting visa.i have only cirificate that sslc,plus two,can i qalified change this profession

  • Saqib

    Dear All,
    Please guide me,
    I come to Saudi 3 months before, my profession on visa is Project Engineer, for making my Akama, my employer asked me to register Saudi Council of Engineer, but they had rejected my application. Till date my akama is not made, please tell me the process, how can I get my akama??? shall I need to change the previous profession on stamped visa? or I need to go back home? validity of visa 90 is already finished.

  • Saqib

    Dear Ahmed,
    If your current sponsor (not current employer) has no complain with you, then you don’t have any problem to come back on new visa. You have to give your final exit paper to the embassy of your originating country while processing new visa / documents.
    Also, make sure that your new visa is suitable with your qualifications.

  • amrit

    may you know !!
    if anybody have information about change iqama profession as per new saudi rule please kindly inform me.

    what is minimum requirements to change iqama profession as a sales (travel as a ticketing)?
    what is minimum qualification require?

  • kedir

    aselam aleykum werahmetulahi weberekatu
    i want ask you a very unclerify question to me ?
    can i change my profession from house driver to عملل ?
    what is the proceder ?? thank you /..

  • sameer

    Hello i am sameer now i am working in saudi arabia Jeddah, presently my profession cleaning labor now i want change my profession for take family visa

  • sameer

    i am sameer i have autocad certificate but i didn’t attest this certificate

  • http://gmail srinivas koonoori

    iam chenge my professional house driver to coputer work

  • Angelo

    my Sponsor in Riyadh wants to change my profession from HOUSE DRIVER to LABOR
    what is the proper way to change my profession could you pleas let me know about that
    waiting for reply…

  • Ahmad

    Assalam Alikum
    I want to change my profession, my current profession is Workshop Labour , But now I want to change it to my job as Network Administrator, I have Master degree in IT, So please guide me which Profession will support me to get family visa according to my Degree & job.

  • shihab

    I am working in Government organisation as quality Management specialist i have Bsc Nursing qualification my profession is Labor can i change it without certificate attestation from saudi embassy under new law

  • mohammed

    can we change iqama profession with out documents if company in ~green~

  • anwar

    I am anwar an indian
    I have a house visa don’t entry in passport ,
    I need to change that visa for in the name of a shop
    pleas how can help me

  • Mohammad Gous Basha

    My Profession in Iqama is Plumber, I brought family on visit visa which applied in Dammam. But for permanent family visa purpose and sitting work in office purpose there is need to change profession in Iqama as well as in Visa which is in Passport. I want to change profession with in the the grace period while my ceretificates not yet attested. If there any profession without certificates to bring family. For Example “Purchaser” “Computer operator” “Instructer” “Store Keeper” all these need 10th standard certificate. like this there are so many. on this professions can bring family??

  • HMS

    Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rahmat Ullah Wa Barakatuh,

    Is it possible for House Driver (Saiq Khas) can change profession or transfer to another kafeel?

    ASAP – God Bless You


    I am from India , since jan 2nd here in saudi arabia . My profession in iqama is general painter and i am an engineer . i have my cerficate attested from my home country
    . Now i am working as Mech engineer , what should i do for changing my profession .

  • imran

    Agr aap ka kafeel profession change k liy papers dayne k liy ready hey oor aap profession change krwana chahty hey or kafala karwana chahty hey to email me at


    I am from India , am working 4 month here in saudi arabia . My profession in iqama is employee of loading @ un loading. but iam an supervisior in company . plese what qualificayion this job.
    . how change my proffession,pls inform to (

    Abdu Raheem k

  • abdul wahab khan

    any my dear brother help me please.i ma diploma of associate engineering in mechanical, i have no job and i want change my profession house cook to associate engineer please tell me about this…msg me on my #05938844235 then i call you

  • idette doris

    Actually my husband has a family visa already because I am his dependent. My question is,do my husband still need to go to Saudi Council for Engineers to change his profession from that of a Technician to Mechanical Engineer as what he is hired to do as stated in his contract?
    Also please do help us by stating the process of how to do it. as far as I know the company has no objection to it plus the company has no problem with its category as a company.
    thank you very much.

  • atf

    i have heard that changing the profession and transfer will not allow you to travel to home for one year??

    • thameem

      no its not the case…i left to india just after 10 days after i got transferred to my present company…usually its the companies policy not to allow employee to leave for 1 year after transfer…but if your company agrees then there is nobody to stop you

  • shihab

    i need Chang the my profession. i completed diploma computer . i need good profession name with family visa allotted

  • Rashid

    Which type of professions are allowing to get family visa in saudi arabia

  • Jatin Patel

    I am working with reputed company. In my iqama my profession is Electrical Technician & my job is project engineer. Is that need to change? If i will cont. with this same what effect will come. For the changing of profession in iqama needs degree certificate?

  • Mian Ghulam Haider

    i read the news that we can change our profession online. kindly mention the website where i can change my profession. I am BSC Honers Mechanical Engineer, but my visa is related to Supervisor safety Visa.

    also want to inform you that. my Manager who is the investor and who is running the firm upon mutual understanding with the Saudi Sponsor which is 100% Saudi owned. does not allow us to meet the OUR kafeel.

    kindly inform me how can i apply for this thing.
    with kind regards
    Mian Ghulam Haider.

  • ansar

    Assalam all my dear friends…i came to saudi feb 16th 2013 as an logistics coordinator in a company they force me to work in warehouse.iam an electronics and communication engineer..the work is soo hard..i want to go back india..can you let me know about the will be very help full to me freinds..and also im seeking for new visa to take when i return back india…if there any possibility for my qualification,please let me number 0545596943..please feel free to call me..

  • Yoosuf

    Dear Sir,
    Please give answer for my question about profession changing.Iam working now in a company as a secrettary. My visa is a House driver.I want to change it to Secrettary or any other computer profession.I have sslc,pdc,Degree and B.Ed in Hindi Language.Can i change to profession.Which is better to change profession ?Please send detailed reply soon .
    Thanks and regards

  • muhammad ibrar

    Dear sir i did MBA and i am new in sudi arab i want to Chang my profession for future security what are those profession through which a person bring their family and also give me perfect information of the e process email
    contact 0582626259

  • Taiyab Ali Saifee

    Dear All
    I want to know how to check the available professions against a particular degree, for example a friwend of mine has a degree in Microbiology (M.Sc) from India and has a General Chemist profession in his Iqama. Does it matches or he should chnage it aorhow can he know the right profession for his degree.
    thanx in advance

  • iwant tealar

    i am house dariwar iwant cheng my steuts pls give m
    e ditel

  • ashfaq

    salaam.i m a tailor in a company and i want to get family visa. Does it possible and if possible then tell me the proceduer.thanks

  • Shahid


    I have changed my profession. But I have not got the iqama with new profession printed. It’s too much rush in printing iqama.

    Can I apply for family visa.

    Also do I have to do attention from chamber of commerce with new profession mention . I have previous letter attested with old profession.

    Please advise.

  • vinod kumar v v

    My iqama alreday submit for chang profession and sponsership let me know present conditiom

  • عناية السيارات الوكيل

    all you need, is your sponsors ministry of labour user name and password. enter, choose option manage staff, under your name select change profession
    and hit apply. its free ….. till first muharram no charge of 2000 riyals

  • umer javed

    assalam o alikum

    i don’t have digree how I get tha family visa for only my wife my iqama professional is
    fani aluminium

    soo plz how I get permanent. family visa plz help



    umer javed

  • umer javed

    assalam o alikum

    i don’t have digree how I get tha family visa for only my wife my iqama professional is
    fani aluminium

    soo plz how I get permanent. family visa plz help plz inform me urgently I want visa before eid



    umer javed

  • salman khan

    aslamu alikum recently I have had trouble in getting my residency application documents prepared but made my job easy . Do reach out to them if you require assistance too .

  • farhan

    My Kafil already updates in system and after that what to do kindly let me kknow procedure.
    mail me at

  • Ishraq

    Dear Brothers, I am willing to change my current profession Electrical Technician to Electronics Engineer. I have no idea what to do & where.
    Kindly help me in this regard.

  • hamza

    may professional control equipment technician required family visa

  • Ikram Khan

    Yaaar please talk to me , i need your help please reply me fast , My company is agree to change my Iqama profession from Cleaning labor to Accounts Specialist , my question why my company asking me for my Degree if this is not required as per new system, are they (Company) will submit my degree for verification ?

    • wahab khan

      Yes if you are degree holder then surely they are verification.

  • mohamed riyaz abdul khader

    Dear Brother,I am Working in An company that company based on Fabrication of Stiching uniforms,and selling many companies like Aramco , sabic In that my responisibilty of work is Looking of sales Orders,deliveries,invoices, and such cases i have to Updated in the AX Programming software also .already i have in khafala visa but now i changed my visa but profession still not change My current profession. And the profession in my iqama is (Funni Karbhai-Electrician.. in that i have to change so please help me in what category i have to put i need your help.

  • Muhammad Waqas

    Greeting to all please tell me i can bring my wife in Saudi Arabia having iqman profession is electrical technician but i am electrical engineer is it possible or not because my degree is bachelor so please kindly guide me it is possible or may i have to change profession on my Iqama compulsory please mail me on

    warm regards

    Muhammad Waqas

    • Yasir Imran

      All fanni / technical / official professions are eligible to apply family visa. To make sure, visit istikdam office and ask the officer there, he will help you for sure.

  • Abdul imthias

    Assalam alaikum

    Now I came to Saudi Arabia same company new visa. now my visa is electrical technician but past three years I have worked in electrical engineer, Saudi council also registered. how can I change my profession. just I came Dec 17th 2013. Please reply me.