Getting Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

How to Get Family Visa in Saudi Arabia - A Step by Step Guide fo

Everyone among expatriates who are working in Saudi Arabia and living without their families, is interested in having family visa for Saudi Arabia. Because it is not easy to survive in a location where you don’t have your relatives, friends, language mates etc.

Being an expatriate I have gone through this process so I would like to share the process of getting family visa so others can benefit.

Below are prerequisites  and procedures which are required to obtain a Family Visa in Saudi Arabia. This process is divided many steps to make it clear and understandable. Before thinking or proceeding in to this you must be aware that you are required to have a Valid Saudi Iqama, a Suitable Technical Profession that is eligible for applying a family visa as per Saudi Arabian labor laws. If you are not sure your profession is suitable for a family visa you may ask your company’s HR department, legal advisory or corporate representative.

.First Applying for the visa (being in Saudi Arabia) and Second is Applying for Visa Stamping from your Home Country.

Applying for Family Visa Pre-Requisites

Please gather these documents.

  1. Copy of Your iqama.
  2. Copy of Your passport which includes information page, Visa page, Airport Entry Stamp page.
  3. Original Marriage certificate that is attested by Saudi Consulate in your home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country.
  4. Arabic Translation of Marriage Certificate from an approved Translation center located in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Graduation Degree or 3 Years Technical Diploma with attestation from Saudi Consulate in your home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country.
  6. Arabic Translation of Degree from an approved Translation center located in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure for applying Family Visa

  • Get a Letter from your employer which is describing your Profession and salary.
  • Get a Visa Application form from HR Department of your company or nearest Istikdam Office or download it from Pro Saudi Blog, Fill the form in Arabic. Normally the Legal Advisor of your company should do this sort of stuff. (Get this form filled by any Arabic literate person).
  • The Family Visa application form should be stamped/signed by your sponsor(kafeel,company) and you.
  • Get these documents ( pre-requisites + Letter + Visa Application Form) and bind them in one file.
  • Visit Nearest Istikdam office in your city and apply for the visa. Further information can be gathered from the office itself.
  • Istikdam office clerk will issue you a Yellow paper which is actually a Family visa. If Istikdam office didn’t issue in the first appearance, he may give you a later time to come and collect it.
  • After Getting the Yellow paper you can start processing Family Visa from your home country through an agent.
How to get visa stamped in your home country can be discussed in future soon. Keep visiting our blog.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog is not a law professional and does not hold any responsibility of misunderstanding and wrong doing of anyone. The author of the blog has gone through all this process, (1. Documents attestation from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, 2. Change of Profession, 3. Applying for a family visa, 4. Stamping visa to passport from Saudi Embassy and finally getting family in Saudi Arabia. So the above information should be considered a guide-line or information.

The author is not affiliated with any Recruiting Agency, Travel Agency, General Services Agency, Legal firm or Job Provider. The author will not accept any claim of misguidance, fraud or any other thing of same kind. Saudi Arabian Govt might change the law anytime in future so the best option for you to get family visa is; consult responsible department of your company.

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  • manohar

    How much is the fee for a wife and one kid. How to pay vis fee and where to pay it or shall I directly pay there in the Istaqdam office. Will they accept the money to pay? Pls reply me


    • Prosaudi Blogger

      You can see the answer in next comment.

      • umair

        i am umair just i want to know on my iqama professional my family came or not came can you give me answer. my iqama professional is رسام خرائـط

  • Muhammad iqbal

    Dear sir,How much is the fee for a wife How to pay vis fee and where to pay it or shall I directly pay there in the Istaqdam office. Will they accept the money to pay? Pls reply me


    Muhammad iqbal

    • Prosaudi Blogger

      The Govt fee is 2000 SR, you have to pay that via Bank Transfer, Istikdam office agent will guide you more on this.

  • Aqeel Ahmed

    you did not write about children. what are the children requirement. birth certificate need translation etc. How much fee in saudia arab.

    • Prosaudi Blogger

      For children almost same process for wife, Passport, Medical Test, Attested Form B, which you can get from local municipality or other related authority then get it attested from Saudi Embassy.

      • http://no hasanali

        sir my oip from indunisa and my from bangladesh my trrad electisean than my nam is famly visa avol avol yea not avol avol

  • Salman

    Brother may ALLAH bless you, your doing such a great work of deed by guiding expats.

    Dear i have below few questions.

    Q1. that my Iqama and Kafeel is from Riy adh but im working in Mahail so i can also go to Mahail Istikdam office and apply for the visa or do i have to go to Riyadh and there i have to apply…???

    Q2. How much time it will take to get the permanent family visa?

    Q3. till the issuance of Yellow paper there is no need of showing Wife or childrens documents i.e: their passports, attested Form B in Saudi Arabia to get yellow paper?

    Q4. Besides this process is there any online process for permanent family visa?

    Q5. for origional Marriage certificate is it necessary to get is attested by Saudi Consulate in home country??? cant we have attestation in any of Saudi Office like jawazat etc???
    as im having origional marriage certificate with me which is attested by Ministry of foreign affairs from pakistan but not attested by Saudi consulate??

    waiting for your feedback brother.

    • Prosaudi Blogger

      Wa Alekum slam

      A1. You have to visit the same city’s office where your sponsor has registered his business.

      A2. If you have all the documents completed and you convince the Visa issuing authority, you can get the visa (Yellow Paper) in a single day. However it takes about 14 days to update its information in your home country.

      A3. Original passports not required, you cannot carry passport of an another person. However attested Form B is a requirement to show at Istikdam office.

      A4. I don’t think so up to current time.

      A5. It is a requirement to attest it from home country (Saudi Consulate). MOFA Pakistan attestation is not enough.

      • Salman

        Thanks Alot Brother your replies helped me alot if in future any other query i will ask you again :)

        • Salman

          Dear Brother,

          few more questions,

          Q1. From what authorities Form B should be stamped in home country (Pak MOFA, Sauid Embassy, Saudi Cultural)?

          Q2. Translation of Marriage certificate and Degree certificate can i make the translation from authorized traslators in karachi like “Al-Arab” and do i need to also get attested those translated copies? if yest than from which authorities?
          also my degree is already attested from saudi embassy, saudi cultural and Pak mofa from pakistan…

          • Yasir Imran

            Answer to Q1: The question contains the answers. Yes all of them.

            Anaser to Q2: Arabic Translation inside Saudi Arabia is more trusted, there is no need to attested the translated copies. Just attest them from KSA.

      • shameem

        I am in saudi on family visit visa which is single entry single exit.can i apply for my next visit visa while being in saudi?

  • saba

    how much timw it take to permit a finace is in audia n hes engr n hes planing hlidays for 7 week n we want k in between 7weeks holidays i got my visa,,is it possible to grt visa in 7 weeks??

    • Prosaudi Blogger

      Sorry I couldn’t understand your question.

      • Abdul Muheet

        Dear Brother, Salam, can you tell me that the child’s birth certificate Attestation is must or not. Because my office staff told its not required. Hoping for your reply please.

        • Abdul Muheet

          Sry, my qus. Is regarding family visa.

  • Abdullah Ahmed

    i am registered with saudi engineering coucil and my profession is Electronic Engineer, i am applying for family visa should i have to attest my degree from consulate
    note that its already attested by pakistani mofa and HEC

    • Prosaudi Blogger

      Yes it is a must requirement.

      • Abdullah Ahmed

        Dear Yasir,

        Thank you for your support!

        I got Yellow Paper Yesterday without Degree Attestation only on the Basis of Saudi Council of Engineers Membership, They just asked me to show Intermediate Certificate Translated and orignal Membership Certificate of SCE

        • jaber kaleem

          assalam aliakum
          abdullah i am also applied for my family visa on the same process as you in dammam, i am a mechanical engineer, but they rejected & asked me to get my degree stamped. so if you could let me know from which office you did it. i will also insha allah proceed to that office.looking for your reply.

        • M.A.MUBEEN

          Asalamualkum Mr. Abdullah,
          I am in the same scenario my degree is not attested from saudi counsulate of my home country (india) but I have registered my self on saudi counsil of engineering. Kindly let me know the process, if possible give me your contact number. My marriage certificate is attested only drawback is saudi cultural attestation on my degree…kindly let me know the process by taking some moments of your valuable time.

          Best regards,

          • MOhammad

            Dear All,

            I have attested from Saudi embassy and Mofa in KSA , is that enough or do i need to have Culture from my Home Country.

            Question is which is important MOFA in KSA or Culture in KSA


  • saqib

    Salam how are you brother actually i need some information that my already make passport on her father name before our wedding. Kindly inform me that passport will work now or i have to make new passport for her on my name or old passport will work.

    And one more question i am a sports coach in saudia i have to show bachelor degree or my sports certificates will work.

    Kindly reply me.

  • saqib

    Salam how are you brother actually i need some information that my wife already make passport on her father name before our wedding. Kindly inform me that passport will work now or i have to make new passport for her on my name or old passport will work.

    And one more question i am a sports coach in saudia i have to show bachelor degree or my sports certificates will work.

    Kindly reply me.

    • Prosaudi Blogger

      Wa Alekum Slam

      If the National ID card of your wife and her passport having same names & same name on Marriage Certificate, it will be OK, you may go ahead for the visa. If you have a Bachelor’s degree that is attested from Saudi Consulate in your home country, you may use it. If you have sports certificate, first discuss it with HR department in your company, they might guide you. For a better knowledge, visit Istikdam office anytime and ask the Clerk/Staff there. They will guide you inshaAllah.

  • saqib

    Thank you very much for your reply Bro.
    Take care

  • Hfz

    What is the process of temporary visit visa? I want to bring my wife in KSA for 3 month on temporary visit visa and then extend it for one or two times. Please tell me the Docs required and attestations procedure for it. And fee also? I am engineer but my status on visa is of labor. Is this a problem in temporary visit visa also?

    • Yasir Imran

      This is explained many times. Submit an online application first and then submit it to MOFA KSA.

      • Hfz

        It mean degree attestation is not a requirement for visit visa? Am i right? Please confirm me. and where to submit online application first?

  • Salman

    Dear Brother,

    few more questions,

    Q1. From what authorities Form B should be stamped in home country (Pak MOFA, Sauid Embassy, Saudi Cultural)?

    Q2. Translation of Marriage certificate and Degree certificate can i make the translation from authorized traslators in karachi, Pakistan like “Al-Arab” and also do i need to get them attested too or only attestation required for Original only? if yest than from which authorities?

  • Md Moshiur Rahman

    Brother may ALLAH bless you, your doing such a great work of deed by guiding expats.

    Dear i have below few questions.

    Q1. My name is Md Moshiur Rahman, From Bangladesh. How can i get the family visa for the country of Bangladesh? because i am employing in government sector of this country.

    Q2. If I applying of Saudi Arabia Family visa, the saudi govt will have give me the mentioned visa

    Q3. How much time it will take to get the permanent family visa?

    Q4. Besides this process is there any online process for permanent family visa?

    waiting for your feedback brother.

    • Yasir Imran

      Firstly I think work visas for Bangladesh are closed. Secondly once you reach here you can complete rest of the process. It is explained very well above. Read this post from Start.

  • Md Moshiur Rahman

    Assalmualikum Bhai,

    Can u advise in this matter or any such experience you aware to give some necessary suggestions.

  • shah

    Can I get family visa, If I completed 1 yr diploma with home country attestated?

  • asma

    I instrumentation engineer but my profession on iqama is as general labour,can i get a family visa without changing my profession n what will be the fees of family visa if i buy it??

    • Yasir Imran

      No it is not possible to get family visa without changing your profession. You cannot buy a family visa. The regular govt fee is 2000 SR but it requires a suitable profession.

  • Tajdin

    dears …..
    Let me give my experience ,,alhamdulillah today i Got yellow slip ..iam 3 yrs dimploma holder in mechanical engineer , and my profession was technician mechanic or mechanical aaa ..any way i changed my profession recently two months back old profession was electrician ,,in my experience in dammam isthiqdamm ,i dont see any problem with office with staff or with their attittude , they are good and serving us , if any documents not ready they humbly request to us to submit the above …mine was diploma so actually they dunno what is all bout diploma they always consider four year degrree importance ..3 year diploma is not given that much valuable even id the govt has their considerations on three years engineering diploma ..mebe thats why my diploma has been attested by saudi embassy in india ,,this is the only reaso they approved my request seeing the stamp backside of my certificate………….if you documents are everything ok ,,,they will serve you better and you will sure get yello slip this is is what i learnt from my experience

    • Yasir Imran

      Thank you for sharing your experience. It will be much helpful.

    • shamith

      in my iqama I am also mechanical technician. is it possible to get family permanant visa

    • vinay

      Dear brother ,thanks 4 ur advice ,I have joined 4 months back Aramco and they have providing me family status, but I am a diploma holder in ee and listen gov. will not issue yelowslip for diploma kindly no is 0530242662

      • Yasir Imran

        Contact HR dept at your company.

  • shahnawaz

    Assalamualaikum brother
    may allah bless u.pls i want ur help.i am a bangladeshi.i lve in saudi in jeddha.pls i want family i get it pls told me.0502917833 this is my number pls help me.

    • Yasir Imran

      Please read my full article. It will help you a lot.

  • Shahid

    Dear Bro. Salam. Please tell me that Family Driver (Saiq Khas) is eligible to apply family visa or not?

  • http://gettingfamilyvisainsaudiarabia gemma ronda

    gud day,i just wanna ask you about our application for applying family visa in saudi arabia,our documents has already submitted to the istikdam,but they didnt issue a yellow slip,they told my husband to come back to other day

    • Yasir Imran

      There is no problem in that. They need to verify your documents or details. It takes time.

      • Rowhen

        Sir Yasir,

        i just wanna ask if you have already these case?

        our documents was already submitted by my employer to the istiqdam office but they didnt issue a yelow slip, they told to my employer to come back for 2 weeks.. is there any possibility that they rejected after 2 weeks? pls. give me some assurance.. tnx

    • Rowhen

      gemma, kindly tell me exactly when you received the yellow slip? as we have the same issue..thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rowhen

      Hi gemma,

      can you tell me pls. the exactly days when you received the yellow slip upon submitting your papers in istiqdam? we have the same case.. thanks

  • sudeer


    hllo broder i have apply agent.

    agent also tolld is yellowpaper is received b4 a week.

    but govt fees thy dindnt accept appearence.showwing. pls rlply

    • Rowhen

      Hi Sudeer.. Can i ask you if you received already your yellow paper b4 a week? how many days you wait? thanks.. we have the same case

  • Shan

    Maximum how many days it takes to issue yellow slip for family visa after submission of documents?

  • Mohammed

    Assalamalaikum Brother

    my employer has sended a visa as General mechanical engineer and i have 3 years diploma in electrical engg with ksa embessy attested and my question is can i get permanent family visa?

    Hope for your reply


  • shahid A Sattar


    My profession is Mechnical Technicial(Funni Mekaniki), Am I eligible to get permanent family visa?

  • Shahid A Sattar


    My Profession on Iqama is Mechnical Technician (Funni Mekaniki) and i have attested diploma form Pakstan, My question is that am I eligible to get permanenet family visa?

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  • saaz

    I am a asst manager in one of the company in riyad. but i dont have attested certificates. my certificates cannot be attested in saudi. Will i get family visa……

  • yasir

    dear brother i already take a vist visa for family and they went i want to take again vist visa i want to ask that there is any other documents required for that.

  • Ahmed

    Dear Brother,
    I have issued my family visa but it was not processed due to my wife medical report (unfit) in Pakistan. Is there any other way for processing of visa in Pakistan. Please let me know.

    • masood

      dear brother Ahmed,

      they usually give unfit report at first time. then second or third time they approve you fit in order to earn the money. u dont get worry.just get the same test from Shaukat Khanum Hospital laboratory and show the result to them or any doctor sitting in that clinic. iA you will get satisfactory which center you have applied for test? Masood


    HI..i want to ask dat i got a Yellow paper for my family,and i send it back to home country.during stamping on passport they found that relation written on yellow paper is wrong,ie they write zoj instead of zoja.i again go riyad and did process for after one week i didnt knw my last yellow paper cancelled or not?secondly will i get my fee back or have to pay fee again.please give me in this regard

  • http://yahoo anis

    familly visa allowed profession
    pls show all professionals

  • Expat

    Dear Brother, I have issue in getting family visa please suggest, My Degree is Mechanical Engineer but my Iqama position is Computer programmer, Please suggest how do I need to procees

  • Hasnain iqbal Mughal

    my all document was ready but only my degree was not attested from Saudi Culture and Saudi Embassy from my home country but due to my friend contacts I attested my degree from Ministry of Foreign Affair Saudi Arabia I would like to know can I apply for a family visa or this status my profession is engineer

    why I should not attest my degree from my home country because it take too
    much time my degree was attested from Verified from my University + HEC + Foreign Affair of my home country Pakistan !!!

  • kumar

    Myself kumar an engineer by profession,planning to come to saudi on technician visa.My company assured that there wont be any problem to get family status.They are unable to give me engineer visa as my certificate attestation in india will take more time.
    As attrsted certificates are mandatory for applying family visa how can i apply for that?
    Also i am planning to marry after 6 months of service at saudi,how can i take my wife right after marriage? Marriage certificate embassy attestation may take more time.Please guide

  • Sohail Khan

    Dear Brother,

    I have one question that I got aoffer to work in Saudi with family visa but I want to ask about my wife. she is Hapatitus B carrier but its very low un transferable. I have two kids 2 year and 3 month and both are normal.
    My wife can get a housewife visa or not?

  • Ikram Khan

    Dear Sir I Need to bring my Mother in Law for visit 90days, as my life is with me here in Riyadh on my Visa ,and she is very ill due to that i need someone to take care of her ,
    my profession in Iqama is Aml Nazafa Amah, General Cleaning Labor, please tell me how to get, i can pay money if you tell me any agent name for processing my above job


  • clarita eloberio-abud

    Good day,sir. I am a single parent working in a studio for ladies. My Iqama is Photographer. I have all the necessary requirements but not attested yet. Do i qualify to apply a family visa so i can bring my daughter here in Saudi Arabia?

  • Muhammad Ejaz Kamran

    Dear Ysir
    I have got yello slip for my family, what would be the proceudre and what document are required for their madical, right now they are in UAE and shall fly from there itslef inshallah as its written on slip on my request that they are coming from Abu Dhabi instead of Lahore or Islamabad. Waiting for your kind reply

    • Yasir Imran

      Wa alekum slam
      It is very simple go to any approved medical center with your passport and ids & they will guide you further.

      • osama

        dear sir
        please can u tel me about family visa
        according to my ikama i m cost accountant and i have done MBA(FINANCE) SO I CAN GET FAMILY VISA?

        • Yasir Imran

          All fanni / technical / official professions are eligible to apply family visa. To make sure, visit istikdam office and ask the officer there, he will help you for sure.

  • Muhammad Ejaz Kamran

    Many Thanks Bro,

    Actually I am confused about “B-Form”. I don’t have that does it required while coming to KSA??
    Moreover what is the time period that one should enter the kingdom after getting visa stamped on the passport?

    • Shahbaz

      the validity is mentioned in the vis aitself, some times it is 1 month or 3 months

  • Vanessa plaza

    Good day im vanessa from philippines how can i apply for a visit visa in saudi arabia? My sister is working in abha as a nurse she wants me to visit her how can i apply what are the requiremnts ? Where to go? Thanks a lot

  • Roshan Jamal

    Hi Yasir,

    Kindly help me,i came to ksa three years back on free visa,and 2012 transfreed to company.My profession was aluminium tech,2012 its changed to marketing specialist.iam in the process of applying permanent family visa.will i get it or not.i have all documenst.somebody telling marketing specialist will not get now.please advise

  • clarita eloberio-abud

    Sir, good day.
    You didn’t answer me yet. please i need ur prompt answer.thank you…

  • Naaz

    My profession is flight operation officer but i am not graduate any possibility to bring my family here

  • rio

    hello gud day!is there any req for salary for my husband to be able to attach my 2 kids for him his employer actually agreed to this but im thinking if there is salary requirements. or is it possible that my two kids will be attach to me im working as government employee here in jeddah and im earning higher than his salary thank you

  • mohsin

    i am at technican visa at saudi. i have got my bachelor degree attested from hec,mofa and saudi culture.i need to know that when i will apply for famly visa do i need to get my degree attested from saudi embassy also or it can work.As when i came to saudia they i didnt need to attest it from saudi embassy in Pakistan

  • faisal

    dear brother .thank for your information .well i have finished diploma in computer science three years course and i did not get the result and it will take around 6 months to get it .now i have my course completed certificate did they will attest ate my course completed certificate.or there is any other options.???

  • Muhammad Zia ul Mustafa

    Salam Brother,

    I want to know that in my IQAMA it is written Fanni Jehaz Al Keharbaniya. Am i eligible to get the family visa? and as you know for car electrician is not any authorized three year diploma although i have one year diploma will it be acceptable by them.

  • rahul

    i am indian and i am working in petrochemical compny via mensupliers compny in jubail saudi arabia now my question is
    01) my qulification is ATTENDED OPERATOR IN CAHEMICAL PLANT and my iqama status is bulding technician so can i bring my family ?

    02)about yelloslip fee?

  • iqbal

    good day,
    pleade any one can inform me they is allowed family visa for bangladeshi.
    iqbal hossain

  • Haskar Ali

    Hi Brother Yasir,
    I’m an Indian expatriate living in KSA, I would like to organize a Permanent visa for my wife, I have the salary certificate with 10000 SR, and I have attested certificates except degree, can I change my profession with my higher secondary certificate…? Please advice me on the same

    Haskar Ali

  • Muhammad Affan Ali

    AOA Yasir Bhai My name is Affan and i come from Pakistan Karachi I have an accountant IQAMA and i have all educational documents without attestation but all are translated in Arabic from authorized govt. notri public Pakistan. Please guide me how can i get family permanent visa for my spouse and kids without attestation from Pakistan.

  • http://google sharafali

    Hi sir,
    Assalamualikum,My Iqama proffossion is Vehicle mechanic (Mechanic seyyara)just I want know my proffossion is eligible for applay the family visa or visiting.please replay me asp

  • Wini

    I have got an offer in Saudi yo join as a physio.. I am married, I want to know if I can take my husband later with a family visa.. Is there any restriction regarding that?? My offrd salary is more than 4k sar..

  • nomi

    assalam o alaikum guys.guys i want to check the visa categories who can bring families on permanent visa or visit visa.but the problem is here i dnt know about the government website plz anybody have this website then share plz….

  • Business in Saudi

    Anyone need professional services for Saudi Visa, Saudi Iqama, visit

  • Sameer

    Yasir Imran sir,
    I have changed my profession to engineer in iqama and waiting for my certificate from SCE. Also my degree is attested from royal saudi consulate. Can I apply for family visa with my new engineer iqama nd attested degree without the SCE certificate? Does istaqdaam office asks for SCE certificate?

  • zahid ali

    I got the microbiology degree and my profession on Iqama is Marketing Specialist i want to change my profession so suggest me which profession is best according to my degree.

  • najam


  • Mangal

    Mr. Yasir:
    I am a female…I worked in Riyadh between 2004 -2005. Now I have been offered work again in Riyadh…. Now I am married and a mother of 2 kids. Hence I would like to know whether the female is allowed to take her husband & kids??? Married status visa would be given for females???

  • khanna


  • Habeeb

    Assalaam Alaikum! Yasir Bhai… First of all thank you very much for your kind Informations…
    This is Habeeb from Jeddah( Indian national) Having Iqama RASSAM AAM (رسام عام) I have auto cad certificate which is 2 months course & my qualification is only SSC (secondary) I just want to know, Can I bring my wife & my kid on permanent family visa? If yes, kindly tell me the procedure please… thanks…

  • Mohammed Ashraf

    Assalamualaikum Dear Yasir,
    I came to saudi by 2010 as cost accountant in labour visa and in 2013 i have change my profession as Cost accountant in iqama and now(2013) iam going in Final Exit and coming back for new sponsor with cost accountant visa, but in India, agents are saying saudi embassy won’t stamp visa because earlier i came in lower category and now higher category visa will not be stamp, it should be equal to earlier category level. even i ask them any documents can be provided… they said it is not possible. kindly please help me on this issue

  • Akbar

    For My wife & Kid Permenant visa ,attested Birth certificate for kid is comulsory…………??
    Any body can help

  • khan

    i have changed my profession in iqama ( in year 2009) from carpenter to Funni electroniat (electronics technician) as i have 3 years diploma in electronics and communications engg certifcate with all attestations. can i get family visa now ? as i heard that anyone who changed profession are not allowed to get yellow paper… please do reply..thanks

  • Hashem

    Dear Sir,

    I have completed 4 years Diploma-in-Mechanical Engineering and I am working as a CAD Operator. Can I bring my family by this Certificate and Profession??? Please advice me.

  • Hashem

    I completed 4 years Diploma-in-Mechanical Engineering. I am working as Mechanical Assistant engineer. But my profession is CAD Operator in my Iqama. Can i apply for a family visa? Please advise me.

  • Waqas Akram

    Hello Admin,

    I have simple question, My profession is marketing specialist on Iqama but I have degree in Bachelor of Arts. Is it possible to get a family visa.

  • Ahmed hasta

    My wife is from England and I live in Saudi 1st of all which papers and documents do She need to attest from mofa in England !!! Thanks

  • http://Khan Ahmed

    Dear brother, I have B.Com+MPA degrees and working in KSA in a private company as a sales representative…. But profession on my iqama is Electrical Technician (Funny Kharba’a)….. Please guide what should i do and how to proceed for my family visa to bring them here

  • Zameer Ahmed

    Assalamu Alaikum, My profession in iqama is Operations analyst, i have certificate with me. i want to apply for family visa, can i get family visa on this certificate attested by Saudi embassy.Please let me know

  • muthukumar

    Please Anybody tell me how can i get family visa for my wife?

  • Saleem Abdulhameed

    Assalamu allikum brother allah aatik al-afiyah. i am MR. Saleem Abdulhameed i want to bring my family permanent. in my aqama profession is ” Sales Executive ” i have diploma certificate attested by saudi embassy in mumbai. But problem is my father want to come permanent can i get permanent visa for father for same. or i bring for visit i cant understand brother plesase give me the idea sir.

  • tahir

    asalam o alaikum
    brothers i have 2 year diploma and attested from saudi embassy pakistan can i apply for family perminent visa while i have 2 year diploma …?
    please give me clear answer…

  • Mohammad

    My Iqama Profession is Marketing Executive is this work for family visa or not

  • Michael

    Good Morning Sir,
    I just want to clear regarding the issue for saudi istikdam for procesing a family or resident visa is hold, im a filipino engineer and i want to take my wife here in riyadh.maybe you have an idea about this isue and when it will resume.
    Your response is highly appreciated thank u very much sir.

  • Shakkir

    Dear Brother,

    Assalaamualikum, i have some questions as below:-

    1. My wife is now in saudi arabia as visit visa but can i transfer to the permanent visa?
    why i asking this question one day i went to istiqdam office the i ask about can i transfer my wife visit visa to permanant he says bring all the document then we can give you permanant visa without she dont want to go india

    Is it possible?

  • Affan Ali

    Aoa my name is affan and i have an accountant iqama i have all attested documents from pak except my gradutaion and master degree because both are beolongs to private institute but my intermediate commerce certiface has been attested from all authorozed channels can i bring my family under mentioned details.

  • Affan Ali

    Please your prompt respose shall be very grateful.

  • http://no hasanali

    sir my oip from indunisa and my from bangladesh my trrad electisean than my nam is famly visa avol avol yea not avol avo

  • maryam

    kya occupation change krvany ky ik saal bad tak family visit apply nai kya ja skta plzz mujy detail bta dein I m confussed

  • Jeya Manoharan

    I have simple question, My profession is marketing specialist on Iqama but I have degree in Bachelor of science. Is it possible to get a family visa.

  • Mohammad

    Salam Bro,

    I am living in Dammam and I have obtained the visa for my family (wife + 4 kids). Now my wife cannot clear the medical as she is having Hepatitis C (but non reactive). Is it possible that I get residence visa for my kids only and my wife travels on visit visa. If its possible than how should i proceed further. Will they give residence visa to me kids only.



  • imtiaz

    i want bring my family and children and my mother

  • ali

    dear sir
    pls can clear one confusion ,I have the aqama of qasim (burida ) can I apply family visit visa in Jeddah because I am living in Jeddah .
    2nd question is that if I apply visit family visa and go on leave it is possible or tell approval I must stay in Saudi ..

  • Robin hood

    Kiya Jaasakta hai aur kisi ko Family visa Permanent chahiye to mujhe contact kare. (If any one need Family Permanent Visa contact me) Thank you

  • Rasma

    Hi Brother,

    I came to saudi with labour cleaner profession but i am a engineer in profession then later on i changed my profession to engineer but most of my friends says that although your current iqama profession is engineer you will not get family visa because they will see your first profession only whic is labout cleaner, I just married, could you please clarify is this news true ? if it is true do i have any other option to get family visa ?

  • Karim

    As Salam walaykum I want family visa ism job company my Iqama Pinter pls giv me replay thank u sir

  • Dayathson


    my wife is working in Saudi Arabia as a physiotherapy technician, iqama profession is also same. She can bring her baby on family visa of her?

  • MuhammadAmir


    My profession is Muhasib ‘Aam (General Accountant). Can I apply for Family Visa? My degree is Engineering and it has not been attested. Can I apply without the need for attestation ?

    My family lives in UAE, but we are originally from Pakistan. Can I do the attestation and the Visa stamping process in UAE Saudi Consulate, or do we have to go to Pakistan?


  • Ali Adnan Bajwa

    Dear All,
    Can anyone tell me the policy and procedure to bring my mother here on permanent basis.
    Looking forward for a possitive response.
    Thank you.

  • Hafiz Mehboob

    thank you very much, dear brother you really did a great job,
    I just have one question, is it mandatory to be Graduate for applying? I don’t have any professional Diploma, I did FA from Pakistan and now working as a sales man here in Jeddah. Your help would be greatly appreciated….. thank you so much

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Dear Yasir,

    In case of children Form B is necessary or Birth certificates full fill the requirement?


  • Bilal shah

    Yess occupation change karny kay 4 month extend period dya ha

  • yousuf


    dear brother i am in saudi Arabia. my Degree still not came i have my provisional certificate can i subment for family visa.

    • yousuf

      yousuf Jul 22, 2013 7:25 am


      dear brother i am in saudi Arabia. my Degree still not came i have my provisional certificate and my marriage certificate with attested for foreign affairs. & saudi ambasi can i subment for family visa?

      brother i am wating your answer please give me sa soon as posibel………….

  • afzal.akhtar

    as per ur siggestion i have to chang my profession to in saudi arabia working on driver visa. one of my brother has attesttd degree from mofa and now it has to be attd from saudi consolate but they want color photcopy of iqama and origanal offer letter attsd by chamber of commerce but i cant give them because my iqama as per saudi law is submitted for changig profession and before dead line .now what i should do.i want bring my family earlier.

  • salman ahmed

    Dear i have diploma in civil engineering and my profession (رسام عام) i went take permit family visal 2012 he just check my profession and reject my application form.
    now tel me please if i change my profession QS (Quantity surveyor) because this profession also belong 3years diploma degree is that possible family permit visa OR..

    • Hashem

      My profession also rassam mechanic (mechanical draftsman) & I have also diploma in mechanical engineering. I thought that this is eligible to bring family. But now reading your message, i really worried about getting family visa with the requirement i have. :( It seems that i will not get family visa. feeling bad. :( :( :(

  • Ashok Sankaran

    Will change in profession affects applying Family visa

  • elliyas

    sales exicutive proffeshion can bring family(perminant visa)?

  • romana

    Im a british female and have been offered a job in Saudi. I have 3 children. I have been told that once I go to Saudi, then after 3 weeks I can start to apply for a family visit visa. Do I need a form for each child and my husband? Will the company pay for their visa or do I have to bear the cost? Also, will I be able to go to the visa office in Saudi without a mehram? The yellow paper you are talking about, the family visa, how do I submit that in the UK. Once I have that, what is the next step I need to take to bring my family over?

  • shahab

    dear sir
    My name is Ali and iam working in Al rashid company as senior draftsman can i get family staus visa i have no degree ia have two year course certificate in civil drafting and 2 year diploma in commerce nad six monts certificate in auto cad

  • adeel

    I came here in Dammam 3 months earlier on FIXED MACHINE OPERATOR visa, now I want to bring my wife on Visit Visa.. please guide me the procedure, charges and possibility of getting the visit visa on this profession. or Else I should first change my profession according to my Qualification and Job which is ACCOUNTANT as I have done B.COM and MBA-Finance from Karachi..

  • Mohammed saif

    Dear sir,
    My profession is مساح عام (General surveyor). Can I apply for Family Visa?

  • john

    My name is John and i want to change my proffesion to salesman.will i get a family visa with that proffesion?help me plz

  • mohdateequddin

    asslam alaikkum brother iam working as a draftman my profession is a autocad draftman shal is it possible to get perminant family visa

  • Asif

    is there anybody can tell me that what kind of profession can i have with degree, can i have system analyst.or Auditor, Operation Analyst..

  • Usman

    Do Simple BA degree is enough to get family visa with any marketing or sales profession pls let me know

    • Muhammad

      If u have got ur answer plz share as i am in same situation as yours.

  • Naveed Ahmed

    I have following documents can I Get Family Visa..?

    Marriage Cert
    InterMediate Cert
    1 Year Computer Diploma
    company letter salary cert

    Can i get family visa with above documents . Please Let me know.

  • riyaz145iyaz

    Some of the points that I had observed…

    1. In addition to the above requirements, if you are an Engineer, you need to get a letter from saudi council of engineers. This is a requirement before you visit the Isteqtam office in Riyadh. This letter only requires their office seal no need for chamber of commerce attestation. Also note, from the website this letter can be obtained however its recommended that you visit their office and get this letter. Please do verify whether the engineering major is same as that of your degree certificate ( its only written in Arabic). If you have newly registered, this letter will only contain Border number so do ensure that your Iqama number is updated.

    2. When are done with the requirements, do visit the Istaqtam office very early I mean before 3 AM, this will ensure that you atleast get to register your name on the paper stuck on the wall. If you go late your turn might be around 60 to 80. Well if you would want to wait then you may go late. Based on the name written once you go inside they will give a token in serial order.

    Hope this information is useful.


    • M.A.MUBEEN

      Mr riyaz,
      I dont have my degree attested but have registered my self on saudi council of engineering. Is letter from sce sufficient? Please advice!


  • Raju.s

    Hello sir
    My name is Raju.s I prepared all the documents as per the requirement of applying the permanent family visa. My iqama is issued from Riyadh and my company also in riyadh. Presently i am working in dammam. So I want to know i am eligible to get visa from dammam


  • Maqsood Baig

    Aslam o Alaikum,

    My profession on Iqama is Muhassib al takaleef (Cost Accountant) is it eligible for permanent family visa?

    Best regards

  • Faisal

    Salaam Mr Yasir, My Name is Faisal working Dubai. my company want me to move Riyadh new office, My Deploma is Electronics Mechanic 2 Years from ITI which is central govt.of India approved diploma, Can i get permanent family visa with my ITI certificate?
    my marriage certificate is going to be attested but i want to know this before i take any action… Hope you are understanding my situation and awaiting your
    valuable response… Thank you

    • MOhammad

      Dear All,


      my profession is General system analyst. I have degree attested by Saudi Embassy in India and MOFA in saudi arabia.

      I do have all required documents available with me like marriage certificate attested etc etc ..

      Can I apply for family visa or any obstacles ???


  • http://0535981341 Muhammad Faraz Ahmed

    Dear Yasir,

    Q 1: Please tell me that if the Translation is done in home country, then do we need to attest it also from MOFA or Consulate??

    Q 2: For children, what is the actual requirement, Birth certificate, B.Form or both??

  • Praneesh koderi

    Dear Mr. Yasir,
    Good day,
    You are doing a great job, thanks alot…
    I am from India, working in Riyadh and my position in Iqama is Electronics Technician. I just applied for a family visa in my co. with all documents but the office people they are telling it is hard to get family visa for me because my visa is Technician visa.. is it correct??? Is there any problem to get family visa for Technician visa???
    Awaiting for your valuable reply,

    Thanks and best regards

  • lal

    Sir my wife working in saudhi moh hospital.and i am working in pravite company saudhi we have allowed for ressidance vissa

  • riyaz

    Recently i change my profession on my iqama as marketing specialist then i bring my wife and my son on visit visa now they are staying with me . visit visa will expire on 2 Nov now i am planning to transfer them on family visa is it possible to change visit visa to family visa what is the procedure kindly advise me ….

  • hashimsanad

    how to get a family visa without degree certificate?

  • riyaz

    Recently i change my profession on my Iqama as Marketing specialist then i brought my wife and my son on visit visa now they are staying with me . visit visa will expire on 2 Nov now i am planning to transfer them on family visa is it possible to change visit visa to family visa ? kindly advise me the procedure …

  • rosa

    dear Prosaudi blogger,
    Assalam alaikum! My husband is working in riyadh and applied for a family visa for me and my son however its been taking so long and yet it was already paid by his office the visa fees. what could be the possible reason/s why our visa has not yet been being released? all docs are ok. i’ve been waiting for a month already. i dont know what theyve beendoing. its frustrating.

  • zahul khan

    I am computer operator, am i eligible for family visa


  • mohammed ali

    I have done B.Sc(hos) maths and diploma in software engineering from private institute.

    for which profession i can apply so that i would not have any problem to obtain family visa.


  • nijar ahamed

    Hello Dear, I already done attested in UAE, but now iam working in saudi arabia, so i want to bring my family, i can bring or not otherwise angain attest my certificate degree saudi empasy please help me. 1. my degree certificate, 2.marriage certificate, 3. childrens birth certificate also take attest or no need.

    • adeel

      Dear nijar ahamed,
      You will again have to get all the attestation Done from Saudia Culture/Embassies etccc only If you have already done the Pk Foreign Affairs then its not required again….but Saudia Culture/Embassies etccc is must..

  • Jinas Thettan

    Dear brother,

    I am a Mechanical Engineer in Jeddah, i would like to bring my Wife and one daughter to here. For this i have my degree certificates attested from Saudi embassy. I have my original marriage certificate and daughter’s birth certificate, but it is not attested from anywhere. Is it compulsory to attest this certificates?. If yes, what can i do from here to attest this?. Please help me to solve this issue.
    Your earlier reply will be highly appreciated.

    • Yasir Imran

      I think yes, it is compulsory.

  • Zafar


    Sir I would like to know , Should I get attested my Documents from Saudi Culture in Pakistan for visa documents in Saudi Arabia ? Or only Saudi Consulate is needed?

    • Yasir Imran

      From Pakistan first, then Foreign office in Saudia.

  • Fred

    Good day! My profession in iqama is engineering technician and I am planning to bring my wife here as my dependent, my questions are:

    Q1: Will it be under family visa?
    Q2: Is my profession capable of sponsoring my wife here?
    Q3: Is it possible to bring her if she’s coming from UAE?

    Many thanks for those coming replies.

    • Yasir Imran

      Yes to all questions.
      3. Just to mention in-coming airport in the visa form.

  • http://ggy dhaliyasalam

    My husband got a transfer from dubai to saudi if his visa stamped from dubai I can go with him

    • Yasir Imran

      no idea.

  • saleem

    Assalamu alikum dear,

    my profession in iqama is marketing specialist, recently changed. and my degree is Bsc Mathematics. today i went to intiqdam with all required documents and application. when the person who is giving token check my application and send with someone to his mudeer and told me to come with a saudi and all my documents given back…i dont know what is the issue..they did not explain me the reason…..any of you had the same experience??, can you guide me what should i do. is enough my Bsc mathematics degree for marketing specialist..?

    thanks in advance. jazakallah khair

    • Yasir Imran

      May be they need a Saudi person to explain you the problem.

  • firdouse

    salam.. my husband iqama is electronic technician he can get a family permanent visa… what is the documents required

    • Yasir Imran

      All fanni / technical / official professions are eligible to apply family visa. To make sure, visit istikdam office and ask the officer there, he will help you for sure.

  • osama

    sir please kindle tel me about family visa
    1 i m cost accountant on my iqama and i have done MBA FINANCE.SO I CAN GET MY FAMILY VISA?

    • Yasir Imran

      All fanni / technical / official professions are eligible to apply family visa. To make sure, visit istikdam office and ask the officer there, he will help you for sure.

      • osama

        yasir please let me inform about istikdam can i get my family here i have done MBA FINANCE and on my iqama mention my status cost accountant
        so there any problem to get family visa
        please inform me
        m waiting

        • Yasir Imran

          My friend apply at least once.
          Nothing happens sitting in home. You have to go for it.

    • adeel


      • osama


  • atif hussain

    sir my profession in iqama and in visa also same musamam ardh. so i am eligible for family visa

    • Yasir Imran

      All fanni / technical / official professions are eligible to apply family visa. To make sure, visit istikdam office and ask the officer there, he will help you for sure.

  • Farhan Hyder

    Dear Mr. Yasir, Salam.
    I am civil engineer and I made ready all the above mentioned documents. I need your guidance for two things only. 1) Do I need photographs and passport copies of my wife and children with the documents I submit to Istaqdam. 2) What is the expiry of the yellow paper. Within how many days we have to submit it in home country’s saudi embassy for visa stamping. Please confirm.

    • Yasir Imran

      Yes you need photographs.
      Yellow paper normally has long expiry, around 1 year.

  • Neha


    I need your urgent assistance.

    My husband is moving to Saudi(Riyadh) and his company is willing to give him family status for family resident visa.

    Only issue is that he has done his graduation/other degrees through correspondence and the agent informed that currently Saudi embassy is not attesting the graduation degree where mode of study is correspondence/distance learning and this attestation is required for family’s resident visa.

    Please guide me if there is any possible solution to get the resident visa for family in such a case

    • Yasir Imran

      It is the new policy of Saudi Embassy, sorry I cannot help.

  • sheik


    I am a food safety trainer. but my profession on Iqama is as technician,can i get a family visa.

    • Yasir Imran

      Yes you can.

      • osama

        yasir imran please tel me can i get my family
        i have done MBA FINANCE AND PROFESSION mentioned on my iqama cost accountant
        so please guide me in briefly
        m waiting yasir imran

        • Yasir Imran

          The whole procedure is written up there. What else you need to know. Read my full post above and then apply visa in the same way.

  • shahid anwar

    dear sir
    am bcom graduate its from calicut university,kerala, india. private study. now suadi embassy not attesting private. only regular, how to tackle this problem?

    • Yasir Imran

      Saudi embassy has their own rules, we have to stick to them. May be try embassy in any other city.

  • z77

    Does they look at the entry profession? or the current profession of Iqama?

    • Yasir Imran

      Current profession.

  • Rowhen

    Hi to all:

    Anybody here knows maximum of how many days they will issue yellow slip upon submission of papers? My khafil send my documents completely and they didnt give yellow slip. thank you

    • Yasir Imran

      What exactly they said, did they reject? If not let us know their answer.

  • http://ggy dhaliyasalam

    For multiple entry visa to ksa fron dubai pfamily can be accompanied how can we do that

    • Yasir Imran

      My friend there might be different rules for Dubai. You may visit Saudi Consulate in Dubai and they will guide you accordingly.

  • Suresh Kumar

    Dear Sir,
    I am working for a well reputed Company in Saudi Arabia since 1995 and my qualification is HSC. All the Certificates held by me are attested. Any chance of getting permanent family visa atleast after 18 years of sparing in the Kingdom?

    • Yasir Imran

      If you have an eligible profession you can get your family visa at anytime. However if your profession is not related, you have to change your profession on Iqama. Ask your company to do that.

  • nabeel

    assalam o alakum sir i want to know that how mutch time it will take to upload the family visa information in ( or ( my friend told me that when u get yellow paper and write your iqama no and visa no it will appears at same time is that right or is that take 2 or 3 days please reply me,,,
    thank you

    • Yasir Imran

      Yellow slip is issued by Istikdam office, Visit them and ask for yellow paper, if they gave you a time, wait till that.

      • nabeel

        sir,,,i just asked how mutch time it will take to upload after issuing yellow paper

        • Yasir Imran

          I think it is mentioned at the back side of Yellow paper, in arabic. I guess 2 weeks.

          • MOhammad

            Hi Yasir,

            it think it won’t take more than 2 weeks as i recently called my family within 1 week of Yellow Slip Issuance

  • Anwar

    hello sir am Anwar,
    my profession is “studio photographer” is it eligible for permanent family visa?

  • Anum Rehman

    aoa. i want to ask some things to you. i will b v gratefull if u help me. my sister’s husband send her yellow visa slip (resident visa) to pakistan. but the problem is her passport name is by her father’s name as it was made before marraige. is it necessary to have husband name on passport? they will reject her visa? the passport name thing was mentioned on webiste some agents to whom we talked said sometimes they made objection on that and sometimes they don’t

    • Yasir Imran

      It is very easily done by Nadra, changing name on I.D card as per husband’s name. I suggest you submit your documents for visa. In case they are rejected you still have an option to change name on Passport & ID.

  • Rowhen

    hello yasir!

    Maximum how many days to issue yellow slip for family visa after submission of documents?
    thank you!

  • Rowhen

    hello yasir!

    maximum how many days to issue yellow paper for family visa after submission of documents?


  • Waqar

    Dear Yasir,
    my profession on iqama is Telecommunication Technician wired and wireless and working in شركة مجموعة سدر للتجارة والمقاولات.
    am i eligible to apply for family permanent visa or not?
    if not than if i apply from the backdoor agents they are asking for 13000+2000 = 15000 SAR
    kindly help me regarding this.

    • Yasir Imran

      I suggest you to apply for visa by legal way. You will get it inshaAllah.

  • Ahmad

    Dear Yasir,

    kindly guide.

    1) my Profession in Iqama is “Electrical Engineer” but my degree is of “Electronics Engineer” and im planning to apply for family permanent visa so should i need to change my profession to Electronics engineer or i can get the visa without changing it???

    • Yasir Imran

      Your profession is very much related to your educational certificates. I suggest you just apply for family visa, I hope you will get it.

      • Ahmad

        Thank you Brother for the reply.

  • kishore

    Dear brother,
    I have completed my Dipoma in private colleage 1994 (India ), my diploma certification attestation required for family visa processing for Saudiarbia.
    Please guide me, what is the process for my diploma certification attestation.

    • Yasir Imran

      Visit your nearest Saudi Embassy / Consulate in India and check for the procedure of attesting your educational documents.

  • M. Ahmad Shaikh

    Dear Mr. Yasser,

    Kindly let me know which profession i should keep on my iqama to get family visa, i am B.Sc(Bachelor of science)Graduate, i work in field as marketing executive…. kindly suggest….??? M. Ahmad

    • Yasir Imran

      I replied you in detail in your other comment.


    sir, iam working as a technician in reputed company in Dammam, my wife also here. she is working in hospital as staff nurse for hospital visa. I have one daughter age 2 yr 5 months ,she is in INDIA, how can I take my daughter for here as permanent visa, what is the procedure

    • Yasir Imran

      Your wife can apply a family visa for her. Prepare required papers and submit a family visa request.

  • sararaja

    Asalamu Alikum,
    I have apply visit visa for my wife grand mother, because my wife is pregnant, i don’t know Arabic, so i ask my colleagues to fill up the form,but my colleagues has mention as family visit instead of medical purpose he made wrongly now the message as نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين العنوان باسم المدينة
    i apply second time and submit to COC , still now no update ,

    kindly help me , what i want to do the next step,
    Doctor told the date by Feb.2014
    pls help me

    • Yasir Imran

      Wa Alekum Slam
      You should re-submit an application with an expert of Arabic Language as well as your language, explain him this and then fill the form.
      I hope it will help.

  • M Barbhiya

    Assalamuwalikum w.w..Dear Brother, my profession is purchase delegate in iqama. I have B.Sc degree which is also duly attested. Please let me know if I can apply for family visa? do the official will ask for my certificate, as it is not matching with my profession, Zajaka Allah

    • Yasir Imran

      Usually officials check your degree matching with your profession or not. If it is not matching 100% the department of your work & your education should match. For example if you are computer graduate you may have similar professions like “computer programmer”, “computer technician”, “network technician”, “software engineer”. So if your education match your job department it will work. Upon either case, you should submit your family visa application once.

  • M. Ahmad Shaikh

    Dear Mr. Yasser,

    Kindly let me know which profession i should keep on my iqama to get family visa, i am B.Sc(Bachelor of science)Graduate, i work in field as marketing executive…. kindly suggest….??? M. Ahmad

    • Yasir Imran

      You can change it to any Technical profession (Fanni) and you should have an attested degree as well.

  • Mohammed

    I m a graphic designer I can get family visa ?

    • Yasir Imran

      If you are having an attested degree, You can.

  • Anwar

    Hello dear sir
    I am Anwar, an Indian, my question is, I would like to know the eligibility of getting family visa, my profession on iqama is studio photographer, can I get family visa? kindly reply me plz

    • Yasir Imran

      Please confirm from Istikdam office.

  • ziauddin yusuf.

    Dear yasir Imran,
    i am Bangladeshi,my profession on iqama is computer programmer & i have all necessary documents, can i apply for family visa? please answer me.

    • Yasir Imran

      What you are waiting for…? Go ahead and apply.