How to Renew Car Registration (Istemara) in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia Car Registration is called (Istemara استمارة). Below I will try to explain how to do it. Either you have a car, a van, an suv or any kind of vehicle in Saudi Arabia and it is registered under your name you can renew its Government Registration by visiting any Moroor (Traffic Police Center). Basically Renewing Car Registration in Saudi Arabia is a process of 3 Steps as follows.

A Sample Vehicle Number Plate of Saudi Arabia

A Sample Vehicle Number Plate of Saudi Arabia

  1. Car Insurance
  2. Car Inspection (Technical Inspection by Certified Center)
  3. Car Registration with Traffic Police

Car Insurance (in Saudi Arabia)

There are many private Insurance companies who are offering Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this insurance is to make sure Financial rights of other vehicle owners whose vehicle is damaged by you in a road accident. In such case a representative from Traffic Police will investigate the accident and declare who is more responsible for the road accident. Once he investigates and issues a final evaluation report either party in the accident can visit Insurance Company and claim to pay the amount, whatever the cost is to repair his vehicle. So to drive a vehicle on Saudi roads you need to have a valid car insurance plan. Normally Car insurance plans are issued for one year period. Before going to renew your car registration make sure that your vehicle has a valid insurance. You may check that from Ministry of Interior’s website. Vist this section of MOI Website and put the identity number (Iqama No.) or Saudi National ID number, additionally fill out your car registration number plate. Upon submitting proper information you will be informed either you car insurance is valid or not. In some cases you got an Insurance policy printed paper with you however the insurance is not registered with Traffic police, in that case you will find “invalid insurance” message on MOI website. This means that you have to get a new car insurance plan by such a company which has registration with Moroor / Saudi Traffic Police. As per my experience MedGulf and United Insurance are registered with Moroor / Saudi Traffic Police department. This insurance policy costs from 370 SR to 490 SR.

Car Inspection (Technical Inspection by Certified Center)

Firstly make sure that your car Inspection Report i.e. Fahas is valid. If it is not you got to go through your vehicle to Fahas (Inspection) process. If your vehicle is in very good condition you could easily go through Fahas process without any additional fix. However if you doubt it would be better to take it to Mechanic (Workshop). Most Mechanics know what are the main factors to fix for Fahas process. If your Mechanic doesn’t know these factors, take your vehicle to the area where Inspection Center is located in your city. 

In Jeddah Inspection Center or Fahas Dori (فحص دوري) is located in Al-Marwah Distt. It is intersection of Prince Mitab Street (40th Street) with Hira Street. You can relocate Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection Center in this link at google maps.

To prepare your vehicle for Inspection, first choose any workshop among many, which are located in Opposite side of center. The Mechanic will check the car and suggest you any possible fixtures which are required for inspection process. You may consult more than one workshop to make sure Car Mechanics are not cheating you. The Inspection consist of following parts / issues of a vehicle as mentioned by Life in KSA blog here.

Headlights, Brake Lights, Parking Lights, Indicators, Light Beams, Horn, Wipers, Wiper Rubbers, Regular Brakes and Hand Brake, Visible and Prominent Damage to car, wheel alignment, Wind Screen crackes and visibility issues, Back View Mirrors, No Black Smoke or huge smoke from Car silencer, Oil Leakage, Damages under the Vehicle.

Once the Mechanic finishes fixing problems in your vehicle, find any suitable office for filling the forms (required for renewing car registration). If you are well familiar with Arabic Language do it by yourself. Now take your vehicle inside the inspection center, it is a big area in which vehicles are moving toward inspection garage in a queue. There is a minor fee of inspection as well. Wait for your turn and if your Vehicle is passed in all tests, you may now move to next step. In case your vehicle is failed in the inspection test, take it back to the same Mechanic you consulted earlier and ask him to fix the trouble. Upon fixture take your vehicle inside again for a successful completion of inspection. Upon entering second time and third time fee is slightly less than first time.

Car Registration with Traffic Police

Upon successful completion of inspection, collect your vehicle inspection report and now your vehicle is ready for registration. Below I will mention which are required documents / requirements for renewing car registration.

What Documents are Required for Renewing Vehicle Registration

  1. Copy of Previous Vehicle Registration Card (Istemara) + Original
  2. Copy of Valid Inspection Report + Original
  3. Copy of Iqama for non-saudis, National ID Card for Saudis + Original

Once you have all these documents take them inside Traffic Police Office / Moroor which is located inside Periodic Vehicle Inspection Center. Take your documents to the reception and the officer will tell you to wait for your turn. If everything is ok you will get your renewed Car Registration Card (Istemara) in less than 10 minutes. In case of any problem or trouble, the officer will tell you the problem. Then you can fix this problem and bring your file again to the same place.

  • shoaib

    well i need to ask you one think i think you can help me out …well i havehe purchased a car from one philipino who has taken the same from alrajhi bank on installments..i need to ask u am i eligible to drive the car legally as bank is reluctant to transfer the loan on my name and i am paying installments unofficially to him …

    is there any document that bank issues in such cases

  • http://HOTMAIL.COM JWD


  • Kareem al malki

    i m from Alrajhi bank..give me ur details because you are doing something illegal and strict action is required to be taken against you.

    • Yasir Imran

      Yes mr kareem. Can you please explain which illegal thing is happened here?

  • Mathews M. Kunjukunju

    My question- is there any form to fill for renewal of istimara. If so would you please send it in PDF format . thank you Mathews

  • John

    please help. I had applied thru Saudi Post renewal of my Vehicle Registration before it got expired. i have sent all requirements, and most importantly deposited SAR150 for the registration fees, and have paid also SAR 25 to Saudi post. Then they gave me an arabic print-out that i have to carry while im driving my car and while the application is on process. The teller from Saudi Post have asked me to come back for collecting my renewed vehicle registration,

    after few days I went back and been informed that my insurance was not connected with my records in the MOI. I have asked the insurance to update subsequently went back to Saudi Post to check whether they receive my card, but another thing again they have asked that I need to register myself in the MOI and to make the renewal online and get a print out that my vehicle registration is renewed and can be collected from Saudi post.

    Before i did the application on line at the MOI website, i was caught for a traffic violation and that after few days i managed to pay the violation fees. Right after this, i visited the MOI website to renew my vehicle registration but came to my surprise that the online service that i do not have sufficient funds to process the renewal, now I do not know how much I need to renew this vehicle registration.. things are coming up one by one! Please advise what i need to do..

  • Atif

    John: I can see from the SADAD payment system that the price of renewal for car registration is SAR300, not SAR150. Maybe that is the reason why you are getting those issues.

  • usama

    guys i have submitted 150 riyals by sadad. the amount is also showing on moi website but when i try to renew registration on moi website it show me the following error

    07027 expiration date greater than one year, will not advance

    my registration was expired on 14/11/1435 (Islamic calender).

  • Muwaffaq

    The same thing occurred to me. When I tried to renew the itimarah sadad required SR 300 whereas it should be SR150. I checked with Moroor and they assured to me the charges are SR150 but till now I do not know the solution. Can anybody guide me the right way to solve this problem as I still have 24 days valid in Istimarah

  • Muwaffaq

    The same thing occurred to me. When I tried to renew the itimarah sadad required SR 300 whereas it should be SR150. I checked with Moroor and they assured to me the charges are SR150 but till now I do not know the solution. Can anybody guide me the right way to solve this problem as I still have 24 days valid in Istimarah

    • Yasir Imran

      The charges are now double than previous. I think it was announced by govt on 4th dec 2013.

  • Bipin John

    Dears ,

    Is it necessary to make payment after obtaining Thumb print system . I tried through SADAD but nothing regarding my vehicle registration renewal shows up . why is that ?

    • Yasir Imran

      Really I got no idea.

  • saji

    Is there any way to know the accident history of a car from any of the documents like Fahas or Istimara,when buying a second hand car?Is there any record for checking accident history of the car that we are going to buy?

    • Yasir Imran

      Unfortunately currently there is no such system, but a good suggestion, it should be done by related companies.

  • amer

    Hi ; can anybody tell me what is the actual fee for renewal of car registeration?
    its SR 150 OR SR 300..
    Please anybody reply


    • Yasir Imran

      It goes double few days ago this month.

    • Mathews M. Kunjukunju

      From today onwards it is SR.150/- only. It was increased to SR.300/- for two weeks.
      But King grated discount further.