Attesting and Translating Marriage Certificate for Saudi Family Visa

A-O-A Dear, I have 3 questions for permanent family visa.

  1. Do i need to attest marriage certificate from MOFA in saudi arabia?
  2. Where can i find the approved Arabic translation centers in Dammam or Jeddah for degree and marriage certificate.( i already translated it from Pakistan)
  3. Can i go directly to bank and deposit the family visa fees without having bank account.

Hoping to see congenial swift reply.

Marriage Certificate

Regards, Nadir Ilyas

Please find the answers below as per my knowledge.

  1. Yes you need to attest it from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia (MOFA). It is a mandatory step as I have gone through this. This should be done after completing attestation process from your home country. Attestation of MOFA verifies that the attestation done by Saudi consulate in a foreign country is genuine and original. You can get more guideline about attesting documents from this post. The process is similar to that explained there.
  2. In Jeddah there are so many Authorized Translation centers, but most commonly they are situated at King Fahad Street (60th Street) in the are that lies between Gharnatha St and Prince Muhammad Street. Take a look at the snapshot of Translation Centers. There is translation center in Consulate General of Pakistan in Jeddah as well. Probably it is cheaper as well.
  3. You cannot deposit without having a Bank Account or at least it will be difficult. To do that you may get help from any friend who has a bank account, if some unknown person do it, they may charge you up to 50 SR for this. But before depositing the fee for family visa, first submit your visa file to Istikdam office and decide on their response. If they advise you to submit the fee then go for it.

I hope these answers will help you. For more questions about Saudi Family visa, please submit your questions to the comment box below. Regards, Yasir Imran.

  • muhammad affan ali

    Asalam alekum My name is Affan i am going jeddah having with accountant icama please give me all process and procedures to bring my wife and kids from pakistan . Please suggest all documentation process from saudia and pakistan.

  • Muhsin

    Asalam o Alaikum, bro, do I need to attest photo or translation of marriage cerificate and birth certificates too? its for family visa process. JazakAllah

  • Mohammad Imteyaz

    I am going to apply for family residence visa. is it required to get attested Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, & Diploma certificate from MOFA in saudi as its already attested from home country Saudi consulate. Please reply. Thank you so much for your help.

  • rak

    is it possible to aply for family visa within three months of transfer from labour catergory

  • Bichu Khan

    My wife’s name is different in her marriage certificate and passport. In passport it is aleena fathima khan and in marriage certificate aleena fathima mohammed..marriage certificate is attested and transilated from india.any probloem for applying family visa..please,help

  • Usman

    what is a good profession to avail family visa with BA degree….

  • Sheik Nazeer Hussain

    I am planning to apply for resident visa for my wife and three daughters. I have my Engineering Degree Certificate attested and have already obtained Saudi Council of Engineers certification also. Further I got my marriage certificate also attested by Saudi Embassy in India. As the date of birth is already indicated in my daughters passports, do I still need to get their Birth Certificates attested by Saudi Embassy in India or just a copy is OK along with the application form. Please reply

  • Fahad

    I want to know after Translating the University and Marriage Certificate from a certified translator here in KSA, do I need to attest is also from MOFA and Chamber of Commerce?

  • Vasiuddin Ahmed

    Assalamu Alikum,

    Dear Expats, i need Suggestion. My name is Mohd Vasiuddin Ahmed in Passport but in Marriage Certificate MD Vasiuddin Ahmed. to get family visa is it required make changes in Marriage Certificate.

    If i mention my Name in my wife’s Passport as it is my passport Name Mohad Vasiuddin Ahmed. so is it reacquired to show marriage Certificate in jawazath to get Family Visa.

    Is it Required to make Saudi attestation on my Marriage Certificate ? to get family visa.

    send me suggestions my mail also

    • Yasir Imran

      Go and submit your documents for family visa.

  • Vasiuddin Ahmed

    Dear all i want to apply for family visa. pls clear my some Queries,

    1) Husband Name is Mentioned in Wife’s Passport so is it required to get Marriage certificate attested with MOFA and Saudi Consulate ?

    2) Birth Certificates of Dependents is also required attested of MOFA and Saudi Consulate?

    3) in my children’s birth Certificate my name is MD Vasiuddin Ahmed and in my Passport Mohammed Vasiuddin Ahmed. So is there any problem to get family visa ? or i have to change my name in Children’s Birth Certificate ?

    4)In My marriage Certificate my name is MD Vasiuddin Ahmed but in my Passport Mohammed Vasiuddin Ahmed so pls advice me can i apply for family visa or i have to change my name in Marriage Certificate ?

    Pls send me advice my mail also

    • Yasir Imran

      Go ahead with your application my friend.

  • Syed Mehboob Hussain

    Dear Sir, My name is Syed Mehboob Hussain and I am living in Madina Al Munawara and belongs to Pakistan. I want to now that in Visa form, should we write the name of my wife & kids in bothe languages Arabic & English or just in Arabic? Please advise.

    • Yasir Imran

      Preferred in English, same like they are on passport.

  • jitendra.khasare

    dear sir\madam
    what is a good profession to avail family visa.I have degree is diesel mechanical cours 3 years i apply to family visa so posible come family visa please advise to me thanks

    • Yasir Imran

      Any technical profession / official profession, having a valid graduation degree (attested) can apply for a family visa.