Shifting Sponsorship from one city to another in Saudi Arabia

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Question 1

I just renewed (22 days before) & transferred my Iqama sponsorship from a Saudi individual sponsor in Al Ahsa, Dammam to Riyadh Capital based in Riyadh. My Iqama shows issue place to be Dammam, I am seeing this as trouble as i have to go Dammam ministries for any work, for example: family visit visa, permanent family (wife) visa. What might be the best solution to change this from location from Dammam to Riyadh.

Question 2

My Iqama profession is ‘Marketing Specialist’ “Ekthe sasi tasweek” “اختصاصي تسويق” which i changed 1 week before, Can i apply family visa with this profession? What are my chances, i got my my UK MBA Degree attested, translated, and marriage certificate attested & translated. Thank you.

Answer to Question 1

Once your Iqama is expired and then renewed, it will automatically change its place of issue to Riyadh (as per your new sponsor’s business is registered in Riyadh city). Alternatively you may request for a new copy of Iqama card, just to change its “place of issue” or “issuing place”. This will cost you around 100 SR. But it will not change the date of expiry or anything else. Also if you have changed your profession successfully, the new profession will be printed also on new Iqama. Ask your sponsor’s legal advisory to help you getting it.

Answer to Question 2

Yes this profession is eligible for Family Visa and Visit Visa. Having your attested educational certificates with you is a plus point and it will help you to get a visa easily.

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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • umer ahmad khan

    i was taken here in tabuk to work for a company as an accountant, but when i came here i found that there is no company, its just a low budget showroom were my expectations to grow up is very low, knw i want to move from this place to another and to look for a new job, is there any way possible, please let me knw

  • beshir

    i came before five months from my far i haven’t started any work. my sponsor is amir and my profession is سفرجى can i change my sponsor to a company and how can i change the profession thanks for all your cooperation to get enough information.

  • friend

    I want to transfer from individual sponsor to Company do let me know the procedure.

    It will of great help if you can provide the detailed procedure

  • Tahir Gujjar

    Dear I want to change my sponsorship with the company I am working . But my old sponsor is refusing to give the documents for transfer…?

    What I can do for changing the sponsorship…

    Please tell me…

  • nawaz

    i am bangladeshi,i live in saudi in long time.i want one family visa ya visit visa.pls help me.

  • salma

    i have aquestion .my husband is changing his company within saudi .does my family visa also need to be changed under the new sponsor