KSA Pandemic Daily Review April 04

Overview: Alhamdulillah everything is still stable on the roads. If you need something go between 9 and 12 noon. Lazy morning sleepers Panic last minute and rush to buy small stuff between 12 and 2. No scares or panic. #stayhome

Major updates: Whole kilo 14, Mahjer, Gulail, Kurayaat, Kilo 13 and petromin in Jeddah are added to Makkah and Madinah (Borders of these areas closed) for these areas between 6am and 3pm people allowed outside ONLY if you need ATM, grocery store, restaurant or pharmacy. Recommended to walk. No more than 2 people allowed in a car if you need to take a car. No driving out of your locality. Rest 3pm to 6am Curfew across the kingdom.

Delivery apps delivering supermarket and pharmacy supplies.

Count: Current count of infected is 2039 with 154 new cases today and 420 recoveries and 28 mortality. (Something to keep in mind .. almost All of these cases are from previous quarantine or who came in touch with positive people)

Mosques: Haramain (Holy Kaaba Makkah & Masjid Nabwi Madina) closed (limited entry allows to people around the Haram) All other mosques closed

Retail: barbers closed. Some Supermarket limit entry to maintain distancing. Stock up on long life foods or frozen foods whenever you go out

Today’s images hyperpanda Andalus mall. Very easy and no lines at checkout. (Special Thanks to image owners for sharing.)

Online shopping: souq and noon are still delivering promptly and on time… Recommend to use for now. Zamzam and gloves images from here…
Hala shopping

Restaurants: Open from 8am to 2pm. All restaurants seem to have adapted strict measures for sanitizing and distancing. Cooking gas service is fully stocked.

Medical services: are still fully stocked with all meds. However majority have run out of masks, sanitizer, gloves. Hair trimmers sold out so buy 1 from supermarkets or online. Contrary to rumors …. Protection is in full stock

Banks: Emergency branches open. call to check locations. ATMs no cash issues. Mada Increased limit of pin less touch-less transactions up to 300 riyals.

Transport: Taxi and busses closed. Private cars and ride-sharing active. Uber, careem working. Train and flight Suspension extended indefinitely.

Special notice: People are getting paranoid over the curfew, shopping and food from outside. Please understand the situation is stable outside people are acting like everything outside the house is infected. That is not the case, That is why public sector is still working to keep things normal. Alhamdullilah the virus isn’t floating around everywhere there is no need to disinfect everything. We do not get the virus by eating foods from outside just as we do not get rid of the virus by gargling or steaming. We may get the virus by droplets from sneezing and coughing and it is mostly passed on from direct air or from hand to hand. Maintain safe distance is the best solution and wash your hands or sanitize before face contact. Save your gloves, masks and sanitizer for now. The strict curfew measures are preventive not reactive to make sure less people interact thus less chances of infections or floating cases.
Paranoia will only make is mentally weaker in supporting our loved ones.

Makkah Region Helplines
911 To Report any issues.
937 MOH helpline for Coronavirus,

Author: Abdulkader Adam