Helpline for Expatriate Problems in Saudi Arabia

Helpline in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Govt has provided a helpline for expatriates to discuss and solve their problems, register complaints against abuse of law by sponsors or anyone else.

Expatriates can call this number 19911 and submit their complaint in a variety of languages available from Saturday to Thursday. Currently available languages are Arabic, English, urdu, Hindi, Indonesian, Amharic, Malayalam and Tagalog.

QSaudi Blog has created a very useful graphic for this purpose which can be seen below.

So if you are an expat in Saudi Arabia and you are having any difficulty regarding labor law, abuse of law or any other issues related with your company or sponsor feel free to dial this number and authorities will guide you to the possible solution.

Saudi Arabia Helpline for Complaints


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  • Muhammad Shakil

    Dear sir ,
    I arrived in ksa since 12 days checked by police I showed them my company travel letter but they arrested me and my travel paper hide not return to me and after they send me to check fingerprint it takes whole day with out water or food also strictly prohibited to go for washroom .
    Dear sir,
    Please tell me what was my fault or guilty in my 24 years stayed in Respective country I never give chance to present by police either here or in Pakistan till now I am afraid to move for job or market to purchase some food or necessary needed.
    Company said that I have to minimum 3 weeks to get my iqama.

    Thanks for guidance

    Best Regards,
    Muhammad Shakil Akhtar