Getting Family Exit Re-Entry Visa via Moi Abshir Online Services


QSaudi blog created a very useful tutorial for the people who has activated MOI online services. The electronic system (Moi online services) allows expatriates to perform various tasks which in past require to visit Jawazat office. To do this you must activate online services for yourself by visiting Jawazat office (single time) or any other location where this machine is provided by Jawazat. It is provided at the airport and various shopping centers as well.

1. Services Activation (Online Services / Electronic Services)

This activation machine has a very easy to understand interface and step by step system and it is available in various languages so that expatriate can easily work with it. So you must visit nearest activation center

2. Deposit Government Fee for Exit Re-Entry Visa

In your second step you should submit Government fee for Exit-Re-entry visa which ic currently 200 SR. You can submit it from your own account or account of your friend / colleague. You will be asked for Iqama number, please make sure you are entering Iqama number of your family member (wife, son, daughter)

3. Final Step: Issue Visa at MOI website

Login to MOI website using your Iqama number and Password. Click passport section -> Dependent Services

You will find your family members listed in this page. click on More details link under family member’s listing. You will find 2 buttons, Issue Visa & Issue Final Visa, both are obvious from their names. Make sure not to click Issue Final Visa, because it is for final exit)

Once you have clicked Issue Visa button you will find another pop up window which will show full details of this step, name, iqama number and passport number of the dependent and further instructions. Click OK button to complete the process. In next window you will be asked for Duration in number of days. Enter number of days here but not more than 365 days (that is maximum). Now click Issue button again and you are done.

At next pop up window you can print Exit Re-entry visa

In below images you can see the whole process in step by step. Thank you to QSaudi Blog for providing images.