Write in Nastaleeq Font at WordPress.com Blogs

Basically it was an email to one of my friends regarding “How to Write in Nastaleeq fonts at WordPress.com Blogs”. WordPress.com blogs offer a basic variety of features while writing posts but there are few restrictions as well. You cannot change fonts, you have to stick to Default font that is used in theme CSS files. It becomes a problem when writing in Urdu at WordPress.com blogs. Because Urdu has a different set of fonts in which the text becomes beautiful and comfortable to read. Like Naskh font, Nastaleeq Font etc.

You can also use other features like Bold, Italics and Headings while writing a post in WordPress.com blog.

When you click Add New post, You will find buttons for Bold , Italic etc that can be seen in the picture below. There are also Heading sizes in formatting bar. You can use Heading 1, 2, 3 as per requirement.


If you want to change overall text size and you want to take control of it, you have to move to HTML mode.

First of all, align all your text as needed, right or left or center in normal mode. Then click the HTML button on the right side of editor. and add the HTML code in the beginning.

For Tahom font with size 4

<font face=”Tahoma” size=”4″ >

For Jameel urdu font with size 3

<font face=”Jameel Noori Nastaleeq” size=”3″ >

At the ending, just put another small code for both of above.


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