Story of an Arab old man

A 75-year-old man fell down from fatigue on his work place and was transferred to a private hospital in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. He was given a dose of oxygen to support him for 24 hours.

Photo by Mark Karstad from FreeImages

After hours when he got better, the doctor prescribed him clear and discharge. He was handed the bill of 600 Saudi Riyals for the oxygen supply he consumed in hospital.

The old man saw the bill and started crying. The doctor asked him not to cry because of the bill, as doctor may push hospital management to give him a discount.

The old man replied, “I am not crying because of the amount in the bill, I am able to pay all this money happily. I’m just crying because, for only 24 hours of using oxygen, I have to pay 600 Riyals while I’ve been inhaling the fresh air that of Allah for 75 years, and I never paid anything… do you know How much I owe him?”

The doctor was speechless, he lowers his head, and also started crying.

This is just a small quote that forces us to think.

How many years all through our lives, we are inhaling Oxygen without paying the bill of praise and thankfulness to our creator “Allah” in a way worthy of his beauty and great his power.

Take some time to realize the need to be able to thank Allah for all what he has given to us free of charge, free of return.