Mobile Apps Leak your personal data

Mobile Apps leak your personal data including device’s unique ID, information about network and software, your location latitude & longitude coordinates, your personal identifiable information like phone number and email address. In a recent post at Zscaler blog it is mentioned that private data of the users of most famous Mobile OS of today’s era like Android and iOS has been leaked via various apps.

Android devices (0.3% of 45 million transactions seen in the Zscaler cloud). This private data leak includes 58% metadata such as IMEI, MAC, IMSI numbers, Network, OS, Sim card info and manufacturer on Android devices. This data maybe sent in the form of text messages to ad servers which maybe used for hacking attacks as well. 39% leaks are about user’s exact location and coordinates.

iOS devices has a higher percentage of overall data leakage as compared to android (0.5% of 26 million transactions seen in the Zscaler cloud). In iOS 72.3% leakage is about device information, 27.5% of user’s location & 0.2 % in PII related information.