Helpline for Expatriate Problems in Saudi Arabia

Helpline in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Govt has provided a helpline for expatriates to discuss and solve their problems, register complaints against abuse of law by sponsors or anyone else.

Expatriates can call this number 19911 and submit their complaint in a variety of languages available from Saturday to Thursday. Currently available languages are Arabic, English, urdu, Hindi, Indonesian, Amharic, Malayalam and Tagalog.

QSaudi Blog has created a very useful graphic for this purpose which can be seen below.

So if you are an expat in Saudi Arabia and you are having any difficulty regarding labor law, abuse of law or any other issues related with your company or sponsor feel free to dial this number and authorities will guide you to the possible solution.

Saudi Arabia Helpline for Complaints


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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • Ali khan

    The number above is not working which is 19911…

  • Poven Abbas

    I am writing this email to seek your kind support in getting Justice against fraudulent activities transpired against me and my infant son. My name is Poven Abbas Shah Widow of Qaiser Abbas S/O khan Talib Hussain (Passport number: HM1015341). The sad demise of my husband has recently took placed in Yanbu Al-Nakhal (Saudi Arabia) on 17th March, 2016. Deceased record can be obtained through
    (File No: DC/655/ 2016, Dated: 21/03/2016) in Welfare section consulate general of Pakistan Jeddah.

    I have consulted Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF), and submitted the same application in hard copy with all the requisite formalities and documents attached under application submission number (3015/16/571), which will dispatch to your department, that take some time to get into your hand. But mean while I need your immediate assistance to halt the possible fraudulence activities emerged against me.

    I request to look into my genuine appeal &help me in:

    1. The Insurance Funds and Blood Money of my late husband, that should not be given to others (as their brothers are trying to get these through my forged signatures/thumb impression) . We (me and my son) are the only heirs of all his funds , insurance , property if there, under Islamic law .

    2. My husband was running a restaurant business in partnership with his brother having equal shares. (Sandu-Tashat services) in Yanbu AL Nahl .I came to know that my brother in law is trying to sell it covertly. So my request is that, Either the sale should be halt or the kafeel (Fatima Muhammad Shamilan-al-nafi) should be assured to provide me of my husband share after the hotel disposal . It should not be given to my husband’s brother there or any one else till I authorize legally. The concerned kafeel can be approach & he should be requested to do justice as per law.Nazar abbas he try to atmpe with me and try to kill my son Muhamad salah khan he is thief he broke the lock of my house he robbery in my house in pakistan he rob all things of my house he cheats with me he try to stop my blood money inssurens in sudia he go to gernal consulate death section and speak my agenist plz you asked from gernal consulate death section . i give my power of attorney lower of your department
    Number of Nazar abbas .00966590531014. Plz arest nazar abbas and asked what do this why do robbery why stop my case why put wrong case in sudia for blood money , insurance, and diyyat he not discuss with any case .

    I shall be highly obliged if you consider my application on urgent basis, As I am helpless widow, These remenatns of my husband are the last hope of survival for me and my infant son(Mohammad Saleh) which i hope you will protect. I am Expectant for your Response.

    I have attached the soft copies of my complete application with all the requisite documents and also submitted the same in hard copy to OPF under application submission Number (3015/16/571)

    Copy attached:
    Attested Copy of Nikah Nama.
    Passport and ID card copy of my Deceased Husband.
    My CNIC and Photograph copy.
    Birth Certificate and Photograph of the Deceased son Muhammad Saleh khan.
    My signature and Thumb impression on white paper.
    Copy of NOC for the transportation of dead body issued by Consulate General of Pakistan, JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia.
    Request copy of Kafeel Consulate General of Pakistan Saudi Arabia.
    Complete Application.


    Powen Abbas widow of Qaisar Abbas
    (CNIC: 36302-8142048-0)
    Father name: Yasir Abbas Shah.
    Contact# +923136166089. +923009391766
    Email address:
    Present Address: House# 76, Street 2, Butt Market, Fazal Town, Phase-I, Airport Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

  • Muhammad Shakil

    Dear sir ,
    I arrived in ksa since 12 days checked by police I showed them my company travel letter but they arrested me and my travel paper hide not return to me and after they send me to check fingerprint it takes whole day with out water or food also strictly prohibited to go for washroom .
    Dear sir,
    Please tell me what was my fault or guilty in my 24 years stayed in Respective country I never give chance to present by police either here or in Pakistan till now I am afraid to move for job or market to purchase some food or necessary needed.
    Company said that I have to minimum 3 weeks to get my iqama.

    Thanks for guidance

    Best Regards,
    Muhammad Shakil Akhtar