Access Point Names for Mobile Networks in Saudi Arabia

Access Point Names for Internet Configuration in Mobile

Often it happens with Smartphone or tablet users. When they buy a non-branded (china phone or tablet) and they insert a data sim-card, they are unable to browse internet and unable to use Internet based applications on the tablet or Smartphone. For example YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or whatsapp.

Unlike this, branded Smartphones and tablets are having different kind of behavior and great intelligence inside. Branded Smartphones of Samsung, Huawei, Lenavo, Toshiba or LG does not bother users to create access points when they install sim-card in new device.

So to solve this problem on Non-branded devices, you may require creating an access point if you want to use internet via data sim-card. For convenience of readers I am writing below setting of Access Point for Network operators in Kingdom, Mobily, STC and Zain.

  1. Firstly Go to Settings
  2. Wireless and networks (In some devices, it is under More Networks)
  3. Mobile Networks
  4. Choose Access Point Names
  5. Choose from the menu New APN
  6. Write as follows

Access Point Setting for STC

  • Name: JAWALNet
  • APN:
  • APN type: default / Internet
  • Authentication type: PAP

Access Point Setting for Mobily

  • Name: mobily web
  • APN: web2
  • APN type: default / Internet

Access Point Setting for Zain

  • Name: zain-gprs
  • APN: zain
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 8080
  • MMC: 420
  • MNC: 04
  • APN type – default, mms,supl
  • APN protocol: IPv4

For Zain, you may ignore some MMS setting above if you are not interested in sending MMS from your device.

Some settings you may ignore for all operators e.g. Proxy, Port, Username, Password, Server etc

Leave them whatever they are, if there are any values in that don’t change it.

After completing above configuration if you are unable to connect to Internet from your smartphone or tablet device.

Feel free to call customer support

STC Customer Support at 902

Mobily Customer Support at 1100

Zain Customer Support at 959

Written by 

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • Vince Balasta

    and i also cant use my net sim stc
    pls need some help thank you

  • Vince Balasta

    where i will get the network ID of my phone im using stc internet sim

  • Shokat Hussain

    Sir I Purchased Mobile JazzX JS2 Q Mobile From Pakistan and I am Using Zain Zim Whitch No.0592903171 Please Send the Itnernet Setting beacuse Data Connection is not Working.

  • Clide Llanita

    The same situation here could’nt have a connection when I tried to connect MOBILY
    for my online games..
    is there any BUG for this network…?

  • Khalid A

    I Purchased a OnePlus One in India in Jan.. recently shifted to Saudi (Jeddah). My device was working fine till i change the Sim to Mobily network. I started getting Exclamation mark on the Network. And m unable to use the Data. Called up Mobily did the manual settings, played around with the settings as well.. Mobily Call center is not aware of anything neither they know what is OnePlus One or Cyanogen or IPV4 or IPV6.. In simple they couldn’t provide me solution just a run around.
    Changed APN to What they suggested. and still not working.. Anyone has come accross this.. or resolve this kinda issue.. or should go and change the Network Provider..?
    OS: 12.1-Yog4PAS3JL
    Android: 5.1.1
    Kernel Version 3.4.67
    Latest updated
    Mobily settings:
    APN Name: Mobily
    APN: web2
    APN type: internet

    Tried restoring it to the Factory Settings still didn’t work.. No rooting done.. probably no plans to do it.. If last resort would try that as well.. If any1 has a solution for this please reply..

    • Jamal Akram

      bro make this setting may be it will work for u ( Copy the same )
      Name : mobily Net Prepaid
      APN : web2
      Proxy : Not Set
      Port : Not Set
      Username : Not Set
      Password : Not Set
      Server : Not Set
      MMSC : Not Set
      MMS proxy : Not Set
      MMS port : Not Set
      MCC : 420
      MNC : 03
      Authentication Type : Not Set
      APN type : default,supl
      APN protocol : IPv4/IPv6
      APN roaming protocol : IPv4/IPv6
      Bearer : Unspecified
      MVNO type : None

      May be it will help u

      • Khalid A

        Sorry just saw the reply appreciate your reply. I figured out the solution. I had to get the sim replaced. Which took me ages to do so. As u know the services. Inshort i took another sim and tested it worked fine. To avoid alll the Hassle i went ahead and used the new sim for Data only and used a Portable wifi device. Allz well now lol..

  • Umar Farooq

    Thanks 🙂