Getting Family Exit Re-Entry Visa via Moi Abshir Online Services


QSaudi blog created a very useful tutorial for the people who has activated MOI online services. The electronic system (Moi online services) allows expatriates to perform various tasks which in past require to visit Jawazat office. To do this you must activate online services for yourself by visiting Jawazat office (single time) or any other location where this machine is provided by Jawazat. It is provided at the airport and various shopping centers as well.

1. Services Activation (Online Services / Electronic Services)

This activation machine has a very easy to understand interface and step by step system and it is available in various languages so that expatriate can easily work with it. So you must visit nearest activation center

2. Deposit Government Fee for Exit Re-Entry Visa

In your second step you should submit Government fee for Exit-Re-entry visa which ic currently 200 SR. You can submit it from your own account or account of your friend / colleague. You will be asked for Iqama number, please make sure you are entering Iqama number of your family member (wife, son, daughter)

3. Final Step: Issue Visa at MOI website

Login to MOI website using your Iqama number and Password. Click passport section -> Dependent Services

You will find your family members listed in this page. click on More details link under family member’s listing. You will find 2 buttons, Issue Visa & Issue Final Visa, both are obvious from their names. Make sure not to click Issue Final Visa, because it is for final exit)

Once you have clicked Issue Visa button you will find another pop up window which will show full details of this step, name, iqama number and passport number of the dependent and further instructions. Click OK button to complete the process. In next window you will be asked for Duration in number of days. Enter number of days here but not more than 365 days (that is maximum). Now click Issue button again and you are done.

At next pop up window you can print Exit Re-entry visa

In below images you can see the whole process in step by step. Thank you to QSaudi Blog for providing images.

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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • بادشاہ بادشاہ

    I want fimly vsia help me

  • Anna

    any plz
    i unable to get my family exit reentry visa more than 180 days i try a lot and went to Jawazath also they are saying maximam 180 days only
    last year i got on line 250 days
    plz help me soon time is running out

    • أبو عبد الله

      Hello Anna did you got exit reentry visa more than 180 days??

      • أبو عبد الله

        i am also unable to get ER Visa for more than 180 days

        • Khurram

          did you get exit reentry more than 180 days??

          • أبو عبد الله


          • Khurram

            you went to jawazat ?

          • أبو عبد الله


    • أبو عبد الله

      did you get exit reentry more than 180 days??

      • Anna

        yes by agents

        • Shadab

          did your agent apply online using moi abhser or some other source ??
          pls reply

  • Riyas Ahamed

    hi Greetings, i want to take my parents here for one month. so please tel me what’s the procedure and how much i need to pay for this ( 2 members)

  • Faraz Khan

    I am facing a problem since 2 years. Whenever I try to issue my son exit re-entry visa online, it gives me error. “Sorry Visa cannot be issued. Please visit Jawazat for more information”.

    When I visit Jawazat they issue the visa from their system. MOI and Absher helpdesk says that it is a problem in jawazat system and they are unable to fix it.

    Any idea ???


      So, what is final solution for this error dear Faraz Khan ?

      • Sharyar Shahid

        i am also facing the same problem. so, if i visit jawazat the will issue me ER-visa ????

    • Tauqir Hussain

      I am facing same issue for last 1 year. whenever i have to get exit entry for my wife, i have to visit jawazat office.

    • Khalid Rana

      Brother same issue with me as well have you got the solution? ?

  • Imran Jalali

    My Iqama is expiring on 30/11/2016 I issued visa for my two family members with RETURN BEFORE OPTION in abshir system. RETURN BEFORE 30/11/2016 but for my youngest son the system is not issuing more then six months exit re-entry visa. I called the help desk they say babies less then six years old cannot get more then 6 months exit re-entry visa can I go to passport office and issue the exit rentry visa for him? with the same duration like my other dependeds

    • أبو عبد الله

      Dear Imran did you get more than 6 Months Exit Reentry for your son less than 6 years??

      • Shujaat Iqbal Farooqui

        did you got any success?

    • paul

      any update regarding this concern?

  • Ronnie Aguirre

    In their record my daughter is out of the kingdom so that they can’t issue exit re-entry visa. what do i have to do?

    • Shahid

      I am facing the same issue bro… did u get any solution?

  • shameer kunnummal

    @mirzayasir4:disqus Im not able to print the visa..? .there is no print button ?

  • shameer kunnummal

    @mirzayasir4:disqus Im not able to print the visa…there is no print button?

  • Uzair Mujtaba

    Im not able to print the visa…there is no print button

    • Cris Mathew

      same problem here.. cant find the print visa button

      • shameer kunnummal

        same here

    • shameer kunnummal

      same problem here

    • ANU MAHE

      press Ctrl + P button in windows

  • Aqil Siddiqui

    By mistake I entered wrong date for exit re-entry visa for my dependent, now if I cancel exit re-entry visa issued then I have to pay SR 200 again?

  • Akbar Ali

    I just got the iqama renewed, but its showing me the error everytime. Im not able to issue the Exit-re-Entry, please could you guide.

    My Iqama date is Valid.Kindly give me Informattion to solve this issue

    • What kind of error message? can you show it to me here?

      • Muhammed Nisar Pk

        i try to issue exit re-entry visa for my wife but. system showing an error as per the below


        please advise as soon as possible.

        • Anwer Quadri

          My brother also facing the same problem, can anyone advise?

          • Anwer Quadri

            We tried again with validity within 6 months, it worked.

          • iqbal

            so online process only works for visa with in 6 months?

      • shameer kunnummal

        everything is ok , but re-entry visa printing option did not come after the completion of the process

  • Ali Muhdhar Saggaf

    I can not open the account… after putting the sms code and my iqama, it just won’t go the next step / tab (account creation)

    • May be that machine has temporary problems. Try again some other time or may be at some other location.

  • Jabran

    I just got the iqama renewed, but its showing me the error everytime. Im not able to issue the Exit-re-Entry, please could you guide.

  • sajeela

    Good day…please help me to get medical clearance from Islamabad GAMCA centre for a work visa in a government university KSA…I am waiting for last two months…first they said ALT,,AST values high…now AST cleared…only ALT values they say is high and lingering on…please tell a way out as visa will be expired soon….and all other values are clear…I appreicate

    • I can tell you a simple method to control ALT, eat a lot of vegetables specially Bottle Gourd كدو, avoid meat, avoid chicken and avoid oily stuff.

  • Osama D. Ahmed

    Do I have to pay SR200 for infant’s exit/re-entry visa as well? If the baby is only 6 months old?

    • jojo

      yes offcourse if he has a seprate passport. Reentry visa fee per passport whther adult or infant.

    • Yes you have to.

  • padida

    Our re entry visa expired last February and our iqama also expired last may.please for your advice.

  • padida

    Sir I have a working visa and my iqama is the same iqama number of my son we went for vacation last November 2013 and have a re entry last February 2014 unfortunately me and my son did not go back to saudi arabia. My husband is planning for a family visa is it OK even we have a re entry visa.thank you and best regards.

  • Mohamed

    when I try to issue exit re-entry visa for my family the message appear like this – “AC3140E: VISA EXPIRES AFTER RESIDENCE” how to solve this issue.

    • It seems that your Iqama is about to expire. Try to issue exit re-entry visa for a shorter period of time. e.g 60 days or 30 days.

  • victoria mislang

    Good day! Please help me, on how to tell the MOI about my husband’s new passport number so they can issue an exit re- entry visa for me. I’m a dependent of my Engr. husband. I’m booked to live by July 14, 2014. The only problem is that my husband’s passport number is not updated in the MOI. How can I register or tell them about the new passport of my husband so they can give a visa through the new ( E- Services ) as per directed by the MOI. Thanks a lot and my best regards.

    • jojo

      contact first passport office (jawazat) in your area to update passport number. then login to moi website

  • aziz roshan

    Could you kindly let me know any one after stamping EXIT Visa how many
    days I can remain in the Kingdom.

    • jojo

      no need for stamping. validity mentioned on the print. else wise 3 months