Getting Driving License in Saudi Arabia

A Sample of Saudi Arabian Driving License

Getting driving license in Saudi Arabia has been made one of the easiest task as compared to past. It is a straight forward process which is as simple as you can expect. It doesn’t require too much money or illegal ways. It is straight forward and direct. I categories people which are willing to get driving license in to 3 categories. Category #1 can be further divided in to 2 sub-categories.

  1. You are well familiar with driving, cars and road signals and has good experience on the road.
    1. Also You have an official driving license of another country.
    2. But You don’t have an official driving license of any country
  2. You are a little familiar with driving, you drove car for a few times but you don’t have experience with road and don’t have a good confidence on road.
  3. You don’t know anything about cars, driving, road signals etc

For people in category # 1 it is a fast process to obtain Saudi driving license. I describe it below. 1.A. Get your original non-Saudi driving license, and visit any of driving schools you are comfortable with. There are Arabic or Asian based guys wondering outside or just beside the school gate. If they are not there, check for any General Service shop. These agency shops are common and must exist beside every driving school. The most authenticated will be the one that is inside the school boundary. Visit them and ask them to fill out your form for driving license. They will request you for 6 personal photographs and your original Iqama (Saudi Arabian ID/work permit/residence card etc). Provide them both thing, They will ask a few more details like Blood group, mobile number, work-place, designation, sponsor name etc. In the past blood group must be checked at the spot but now more relaxation in the rules have been made. But now they only ask it from you and put the information on your behalf. After filling out the form they might ask you if you want to pay the driving license fee. I suggest not to do this because these agencies charge up to 50 SR more than actual amount. Furthermore it is not a compulsory step done at spot. It can be done later via any bank account. If you feel comfortable paying extra money just submit the fee. These guys will charge you from 10 to 15 Saudi Riyals. These days Driving License Fee is categories ed into 3 levels.

  1. 2 Years Driving License = 80 SR
  2. 5 Years Driving License = 130 SR
  3. 10 Years Driving License = 400 SR

After that you go inside the Driving License Office and submit your form to related window. Once submitted they will guide you for further steps. Later on you will be asked for a blood test and an eyesight test. If you succeed in those Medical tests you are ready for Evaluation test, in which an authorized representative from Driving School will check your driving skills. He might be in a uniform like police man but don’t be afraid of him. He is there just to monitor you, not to arrest you or beat you 🙂 Upon your turn for evaluation test, be calm, enter in car, close the door, fasten your seat belt, check gasoline indicator in dashboard, clear hand brake and wait for instructions. The instructions normally come in Arabic Language, however if you don’t understand they monitoring person will repeat in English with the words (Start, Go, etc). Follow the instruction, don’t push the accelerator pedal too much, keep it between 1500 rpm to 2500 rpm, be alert, they monitoring person may any time ask for apply brake or take a sharp turn. Finally he will complete your evaluation test and hand over your papers (file) back to you, that he already received from you upon entering the car. He might categorize your driving skills from A, B, C. In Arabic (ا، ب، ج). Take your file to the office where you submitted earlier, you will be guided to move to a specific window where you will be informed…

  1. Number of Days You got to attend driving school.
  2. The Date when your driving classes will start.

Also you have to pay the school fee that is (435 SR) currently. Then you have to join a training program of 5 or 15 days as per your grade which is based on Field Training at Vehicle and Class Room Training. Finally after completing training you will be given a Final Driving Test Date. Also you will be given a big printed paper that has all the road symbols, traffic signals, road signs etc. That is for your computer signals test. Remember all of them in your brain. Now join the driving classes on specified date, participate in field training at car, ask questions from your instructor whatever you don’t understand. There is a class room training everyday in which you will be given knowledge of road signs and signals. Take a look at the video of Driving Training in Jeddah Driving School.

After successful completion of Driving classes, you will be given a final driving test date which is based on driving the car inside the school and a computer test.

Final Driving Test

Final test consist of 3 basic skills.

  1. Handling the car on the steep Bridge (In which you should not let the car move back)
  2. Driving the Car in “8” shaped area with sharp turns.
  3. Reverse Parking in a Plus (+) shaped area.

If you learned all these things well during your driving classes, you will successfully convince the monitoring person to Pass you. If you pass it, you will be redirected to Computer Test Room, where you have to answer 17 Correct options out of 20 questions. If you pass it straight forward your file is stamped with “Passed”, in Arabic (ناجح) and you will be asked to collect your Saudi Driving License within next 2 days. Make sure to submit Driving License Fee before this test, I mentioned this fee at the beginning.

Written by 

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • KingSab Gaming

    good day, I am 16 years old. id like to know if driving at my age with any license is possible. I am the only male within my family and driving can help us a lot. I plan to go to Dallas driving school very soon, so a quick reply is at the most helpful.
    by the way, I am not a Saudi citizen. I am holding an Egyptian passport currently. though, I am not Arabian of any kind.
    thank you, have a nice day

  • sudheer Khalid

    Just need help to clear my doubt, i have plan to take driving license in saudi, jeddah, i already have an indian driving license, my iqama profession is labour? can i get license with labour profession..

    thanks.. Sudheer K Khalid

  • Mohammad Irshad Alam

    Dear Brothers
    I had a driving licence from my home country India for light car, having well driving experience and now I went to Jeddah Dalla for drving trial but eventually graded me as Zim for a month class, so I’m worried about that procedures because I given trail in very well manner but failed so please help me in right direction, what should I do at this situation, licence urgent for me
    Plz help me at 565425108

  • Bewafa Zindagi

    please answer me

  • Bewafa Zindagi

    bro i am 16 year old can i get licence in ksa

  • prabhu

    Dear Sir, i am having Indian driving license. I am not very familiar with driving, I drove car for a few times while getting driving license in India but i don’t have much experience with road. Can you give your suggestion for getting Saudi Driving license whether can I apply direct or I have to attend classes?
    May I know khobar driving school timings? can i go for classes in afternoon session?

  • Jaleel Cm

    Assalamu Alaikum ,

    its Possibbile to Refund the Driving Class Fee SAR – 435 , if i didnt Start Any Class

  • Shahul Hameed

    hai bro….. i have already small saudi driving license i want change the licence medium my iqama profession marketing specialist possible??

  • Shaheryar Rehman

    Salam, i want to know the rules for the student license.

  • mohd noufAl

    Asalamualikum bro,I have driving lisence in ksa but I need to know how to upgrade my lisense in to heavy license with out Indian license,is this possible?

  • M Aziz

    Salam brother. 1. I am studying in the UK and I have the UK driving license, I was informed I can’t get a Saudi license with UK license as we driving on the other side of the road in UK. is this information correct or will i be able to get Saudi license without having to do the test?
    2. If i must have to do the test, can i do it on a automatic car or does it have to be manual?
    3. How long will it take me to get the license from going to driving school to the day of completing the test? I would be able to come to Jeddah only for 1 month, will it be possible for me to complete all procedures and get the license in 1 month? (I have an Iqama)
    Please inform, thank you.

  • athar

    When dallah driving school will open after hajj

    • Normally 2 weeks off for hajj. Try 2 weeks after hajj.

  • Jeffrey

    Brother, if I have labour position in visa/iqama, am i eligible to have license?

    second, can i purchase a new car from a car dealers?

    thanks in advance.

    • You can get a driving license no matter which profession you have on your iqama. Once you got a driving license you can purchase a vehicle, new or used whatever.

  • Aneesh Antony

    How can change my valid saudi licence to my new Iqama ?

    • You should visit driving school / license issuing authority, they will guide you right procedure.

  • Muhammad Raxa

    Nowadays there is very crowd in Dallah schools….If they give u classes after 3 or 4 months,so can we backup & apply on any other branch & does it costs me anything?
    And what is fee details to pay for fresh licence..? and my age is 22 so Can I make a 2 years licence now?

    • Once you are 18+ you can get a regular driving license. You may give a try to another school if one gives you long date.

  • Awais Mushtaq

    salam BrO !!! I need Tasreeh Coz My Age Is 16 In Iqama

    • Same procedure for Tasreeh too, Visit Driving School and they will guide you further. There are authorized agents outside the school, they can guide you better.

      • Awais Mushtaq

        Ok How Much Fees ???

        • Hopefully 80 SR for 2 years. Check with the agents please.

          • samkhan79

            Can you please let me know if مندوب مبيعات is eligible to bring family on permenant visa

  • You prepare good by the material provided for computer test preparation. And then go for test. I cannot confirm that after 3 failed attempts they issue driving license.

  • Ubair Ansari

    salaam bro !
    i am going to apply for license and your information is super for me but i have a small confusion which is that driving licence fee for 10 years is 400 riyals and driving classes fees is 435 riyals so is total fee of driving license is 835 riyals ??
    please bro guide me thanks.

    • That is correct. Total fee will become 835 SR in case you want a 10 years license.

      If you want a 2 years driving license, fee will be
      80 SR + 435 SR = 515 SR

      Driving School fee you will only pay once. But driving license you can renew it later on by paying rest of the amount.

  • Tony

    hi … I need to know more about eye test .my left eye-0 .5 and right -1.0 cylenderical .. any problem in that ??.

    • It is regular test, which is conducted at Driving License issuing office. They will show you some characters on white board and ask you to read / recognize them, that’s it.

  • khanalamamir


  • I need to know abt kafeel letter as I m in proces of nakal kafal….my previous iqma status is student nd new status vl b labour but due to some dificulty in trnsfer proces my proces is beeing delayed for 3 mnths til now…..
    My qustion is photocopy atested by new kafel is valid nd acepted or not?
    Dsra swal agr nai acepted kia purana iqma student wala without kafeel letr chal jai ga ya nia?

    • You don’t require this letter, You only require an Iqama photocopy for driving license.

  • asad

    i have passed in drive test but i failed in computer test some people say if the we have 3 chances to complete computer test but some people say if were fail in 3 attemts they will give u license bcoz some people r uneducated so they dont know even how 2 oprate computer isit correct after fail 3 times they give driving license

  • Edward

    Staff officer instructed me to pay for the driving license already.can I refund it if I back out of obtaining a driver license?
    And also I just want to know if I did’nt pass the computer test for so many times,can I still have a driving license.

    • You will not get a refund. This is a fee for your license.
      If you will fail in computer test, you will not get driving license.

  • Edward

    What if i back out for a driving lesson but i alredy paid for this.Can I refund it?

  • Hassan

    I hava a saudi driving license valid till 2017, but I have changed my company & my new iqama number is different from Iqama Number mentioned on driving license.

    Do I need to strat from scratch and go through driving test or my existing license will be modified with my new iqama number?

    • It can be modified I think, visit Driving school and they will guide you the procedure.

  • sarath

    But you did not mentioned the details about CATEGORY #3 . Could you please tell us about that too

  • s.karthikeyan
    i got salesman cum driver job in ksa saudi.but i am not a professional dirver in india but i used drive car there any difficulties for me to drive in saudi roads

    • It will take you few days to get used to Saudi Roads. It is not a big deal.

  • my age is 35 yrs.completed

  • i have 35 years

  • s.karthikeyan
    i got salesman cum driver job in ksa saudi.but i am not a professional dirver in india but i used drive car often.i will be difficult for me to drive in saudi roads

  • Safdar

    What they do for the eye test?

    • It is usual eye test, they ask you to read letters & numbers written on white board.

      • Srikar Souda

        Hello Mr Yasir, this is Souda at present residing at Shaqra, I am having old driving licence of Saudi, but it has got expired on 10-october 2017, Now I want to renew the same, what is the procedure, the Murrooor at shaqra, tells me to go to Dallah at Riyadh, for renewal, Please help me what is the procedure,

  • Syed

    assalamalaikum bro’s,
    this is syed irfan from india, above information is very useful for me to apply driving license.
    i am holding indian car license of 4 yrs old, & i have plan to apply for driving license. but my working company is in shoaiba which is from jeddah 120km far, during weekend only i can visit the driving school in jeddah. so kindly please advise it is possible to apply nd if there is classes can i attend during weekdays friday.

    please provide sufficient information upon my query.
    thanks in advance..

    • My friend, getting license is an important job. Take a leave for few days, may be 7-8 days and you can attend classes and get driving license.

  • Syed Anwar Basha

    Assalmalaikum friends,

    I am new to saudi arabia and i am working in Mecca can you let me know how to get a the I have Indian Driving Licence (light), and i would like to join driving classes as well in mecca.
    can you help me on this.

    Thanks in advance.
    Syed Anwar Basha
    Mobile: 054 896 8196

    • Go to driving training school and show them your license. They will translate your license into arabic and you will get a Saudi driving license very easily.

  • Salaam
    I Have Saudi Driving License Expiry on 05/07/2013 still i didn’t get my ID in my new company its take one month , so if comes i can renew .

    please feed back to me .

    Allah Hafiz

  • ahmed

    its not good and easy like you thing and i didnt like to way they talk and help ppl anyway its okay am talking about the khobar dirveing school

  • minimum age?

  • But you did not mentioned the details about CATEGORY #3 . Could you please tell us about that too

  • Mirza

    @Yasir Imran, Jazak Allah Khair for the information. Alhumdulillah Today I cleared the exam, Inshallah will get the license 2marrow. Just want to share my experience.
    I’m in jeddah but my Iqama is from Qasim, First I went to Dallah in Rehab, They didn’t accept my file as they need kafil letter. Then I went to Bariman Dallah, they accept my file. You need to make a file they will charge you 15sar, then you can translate the License if you have as I have from india they will charge you 75sar. I didn’t give the blood they just ask me for blood group I informed them, then they will take Eye test after that There will be intial test mostly it will In 8(8 shape sorrounded by Cones), based on it they will give you (alif, baa, taa) If Alif you have to pay 100sar for Signal class. then there will be final drive test for me they have given 3 chances. First trial i was failed then they give me another test date, Second trail I was again failed as I don’t know arabic he told me something in arabic I though it was right actually it was left I took the car into no, also there was sign board in arabic (which means stop) I didn’t look at that, then they give me another date, This time Alhumdulillah I cleared, Officer will give you file then you need to go for computer test, I think that is very easy if you just read the signal paper, you need to answer 15 correct questions out of 20. If you cleared the computer test. They will ask to come and collect the license next day. You need to deposit the money on your Iqama. For 2 years it’s 80, 5 years 200 and 10 years 400. If you deposit the money from the agent setting there they will charge you 50sar extra if you have any bank account or your friend bank A/c you can pay through Sadad 80, 200 or 400. Please free for any queries.

    • Philip

      Hi Mirza,
      One question, so they did not ask you to take any driving class? Can these steps be done in a single day? thanks
      – Philip

  • Mohammad Gous Basha

    Thanks many many jazakallah khair. B a s h a, Jeddah, 050 2881058, I have Indian Driving Licence (light), I am expecting to take Saudi Licence also. Next week I am going to apply. Above you mentioned 3 categories, all categories need Fee same?? kindly let me inform.

  • adnan

    I gave the initial driving test…and I could not pass…they ask me to take one month classes and it is not possible for me as I am working in a comoany…can I give intial driving test again…

  • Thank you for taking the trouble to post this instruction. God bless!

  • irfan nawaz

    Very informative.. Thank You

  • Mir Mustafa Ali

    I have a valid Dubai driving license will saudi dallah exchange it with their 10 years license or i have to give a test

  • Atif

    I am an indian citizen and have a UK license and indian license. Please suggest what is the best way to get Saudi license

  • mohamed najath

    assalamu alaykum.i have a labor vesa. no problam.

  • Shad

    Thank you very much Yasir..I already have Indian driving license….Can i get the license by the first attempt without attending the class for 5-15 days?

  • thank you…..and how i can made my driving license in saudia arabia

  • mirza

    As salamu alaykum, I have a iqama from qasim but I’m staying in jeddah. Dallah in rehab they need a kafill letter and office address in jeddah, I don’t have that is there any other driving school or other option, please advice me, JazakAllahu Khair.

    • There are 3 Driving Schools in Jeddah as per my knowledge. Ask any Taxi Driver and they will take you there.

  • shan ahamad

    very nice. informational. thanks bro. jazakallah. khair.

    • Jig

      Hi, today I completed the initial test (I passed) and then they asked me to pay 100 SAR. They game me a receipt where a date for xomputer test is written which was 6-May, which is almost 1 and half month. Does it take so long?? Many people wrote in their blogs that the computer test was on the same day, then why is it so long for me??

      • Normally it is on the same day, however may be because of so many people trying to get License, Authorities might have changed schedule.

  • syed aslam

    it’s really kind of you..thanks for the details. jazakallah khair.