Permanent Family Visa Application Form Saudi Arabia Download

Expats community in Saudi Arabia is seeking and requesting information and required Forms for applying Family Visa in Saudi Arabia. So I decided I will try to put this info at my blog to make it available for the expats community.

Here is Permanent Family visa application form for Non Saudi persons, you can download it from here. It is MS Word file. Although it is available on many Arabic forums but due to not having much familiarity with Arabic language expatriates miss this. In Arabic it is called طلب استقدام للأفراد غير السعودين

If you don’t know which documents are required and what is the procedure for getting family visa then I have compiled this post for you. Read it fully to understand family visa step by step process. How to Get a Family Visa in Saudi Arabia. Family Visa in Saudi Arabia requires a suitable profession, if your profession is not eligible for family visa you can read here how to change your profession in Saudi Arabia.

Download Permanent Family Visa Application Form

Click Here to Download Family Visa Application form in Ms Word.

Click Here to Download Family Visa Application form in PDF

The form look like this. You have to fill this form and collect other required documents and visit Istikdam office.


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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • Jai Prashanth

    Dear Sir,
    Is it mandatory for the Wife name to be in ENGLISH in the Istiqdam Form.?

    • MADARI

      yes, as per passport …
      Whether we need to chamber the application form or not?

      • Jai Prashanth

        Yes, I got CoC in the Istiqdam application.
        But my wife name is written in Arabic. I have proof in my translated marriage certificate to show my wife name in Arabic.
        is it ok? or I have to prepare new application?

        • Feroz

          1) Did they accept the application in Arabic (wife name)
          2) Is it mandatory to fill the details in Arabic or English is accepted

          • Jai Prashanth

            Yes Brother. Al hamdulilah!!!! I have written all the information in Arabic only.
            I hope they will accept both English as well as Arabic.
            If engineer category, please take a letter from Saudi council, ask for ISTIQDAM purpose, From SCE they will provide it to you less than a minute.

            All the best for the brothers trying to get Family Visa / Visit Visa

  • Mohsin Ali Baloch


    I read from somewhere that for Permanent family visa you also need SCE letter to Istiqdam for issue visa. I am already authorize from SCE so why need letter I have already letter from My sponsor and COC..
    Please Any one reply me with authentic answer. or contact with me in my Watsapp 0571050578..

    • Umair Shah

      I think your SEC membership certificate can also work. Anyhow better to take advice from someone who recently got the visa

  • Hafeez

    Dear all,
    plz update me for Riyadh Istiqdam appointment,,,,

    059 6500187
    plz bro help me

  • Umair Shah

    @mirzayasir4:disqus dear we are waiting for reply.

  • Umair Shah

    in this form i have a few confusions.
    1. New iqama card expiry date is written 1442 hijri where as on MOI website it is written 1438 ?
    In passport row there is one blank regarding musadirah. what should i write here?

    • tonyhawk

      1. write moi iqama expiry date
      2. in masdarha write your country name

  • Jabir Hussain

    is there any accountant guy who got recently membership from socpa ??

  • zaibi

    @disqus_E22ovUSo1L:disqus please contact if you are still here… 0543336790

  • Mohammad Ali

    can i have a discussion with you on phone.. my number is 0540642822. I am about to submit my application.

  • M Sharief

    Dear Sir,
    I am graduate in B.Sc (Maths, Computers Scienece & Statsictics) and my profession in iqama is transport supervisor and my degree certificate attested and i found that, there are two stamps on this certificate 1. Ministry of education, &2 Royal embassy of Saudi Arabai.

    Are the above things are enough to get permanent family visa.

  • Andoi Yap

    hello please help,
    possible to bring my family here in Saudi Arabia? my iqama profession is General Draftsman..

  • kiran katti


    Do we require the birth certificate to be attested for getting the family visa? Most of my friends have just done the translation


  • Saadaat Shah

    Dear all, i need an information that there are four boxes in online application form to fill wife details so my wife name have 02 words, i put 02 words in 02 boxes and then click on the button to proceed but it is showing me the message that all boxes should be complete so now what i will put in remaining 02 boxes ?

  • ksk

    my qualification is 3 years Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering (Electro mechnial) and attestation completed. I came on labour visa to saudi and I have my iqama profession as Procurement Representative. When i applied for family VISA they rejected my application saying that my profession & qualification is not matching. Hope if i change my profession i can avail the family VISA. But please let me know what profession will be matching to my qualification & eligible to have the family VISA. Please guide me as am upset more.

    • Normally all technical professions are eligible for applying family visa. You may choose a suitable profession at your iqama with help of your company HR dept or the Mandoob.

  • vipin thrippadam

    Dear Sir, My Profession In Iqama Is “Mushrif Ummal” (Staff Supervisor). Am i eligible to get Family Visa? Is it necessary to have graduation certificate for family visa?

    • It is compulsory to have an attested degree that matches your current profession to get a family visa.

  • iqbal

    Dear Sir,

    i have a plan to aply family visa,my proffession is Road transportation supervisor.i have only salary certificate from company with stamped from champer of commerce.
    i dont have digree ,i have diploma in computer aplication without attest from consulate.can i get permanent visa .please reply?

    • yann

      I can fix for you in 3 days. Kindly share contact

      • Richo

        My kids is with me on my last employer, because my iqama profession is Computer Programmer, right now i come from another sponsor which is profession is hospital cleaner, it is possible for me to get my kids again? my contact,

      • muhammad dabous

        NO DEGREE

      • Techie….


        My profession on entry visa is WELDER TECHNICIAN, after transfer to my current employer they changed it to ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN, But my degree is not related to this professions.

        I am Post Graduated in Commerce. Can you guide me which profession suites me for permanent family visa?

        • yann

          I can fix this for you, call me: 05041 57507

          • Atif Pervez

            hii yann

    • Diploma is required to be attested.

      • Khalil Malik

        is possible to get visa by diploma here or need 4 years digree

  • Mohammed Islam

    Dear Sir,
    I am Draftsman my Iqama Is General Election.but have one years Diploma in Interior Designer & Architecture before i go to indai Saudi Embassy but they not accept my diploma they say me you have minimum 3 years diploma we will attested. i need change my professional in Iqama but last time in my old company my professional in Iqama Architecture Draftsman.
    What i can do give me advise dear ?

    • yann

      No need to change profession. Kindly share your contact.

      • zaibi

        @yann if you are still dealing with family visa then plz contact 0543336790 soon.

      • Khalil Malik

        Dear Yann very happy to find you ..can u explain

      • Sandeep

        @disqus_E22ovUSo1L:disqus My profession is “Steward”. I tried all ways to get family visa but couldn’t find anyone who could help out. After seeing so many informative & helpful posts of yours I have some hopes from you.
        Though my problem is a bit complicated. Please call. I’d like to discuss.. Thanks..
        Sandeep / +966 542812213

  • amjad


  • Baber Hussain

    Ass Salam o Alakum
    i need permanent family visa. my profession is funni Electronics .
    i have done three diploma of associate engineer and verify from Pakistan Saudi Embassy and from Riyadh Wazarata Kharjeya .i apply one time but rejected without any reason. can you please tell what i have to do ?

    Thanks & Regards

  • Waqas Ahmad

    Your application cannot be processed; because it does not fulfill Istiqdam e-service business rules.” You can book an appointment with Istiqdam and submit your occupation to be studied manually. To Book an appointment, please click here (Istiqdam appointments system) Q, 1what dose this, either i have to pay first 2000 or need to book appoinment ? Please Reply ASAp

  • Ali Khan

    Salam dear all,

    it is requested from you all bros about how to fill up Isteqdam form regarding the online family visa of my wife and kids. in the Passport of my wife the name is surname and last name which fill up 2 coumns while in the form there are four coloumns. can I write my name in the last 2 colums?

    kindly advice me what to write in the last 2 coloumns because in the form there are four (4) coloumns I tried to write “-” in the last two coloumns but not accepted. any brother help me plz.

    thank you very much.

    Ali khan

  • javed

    My wife is working in jeddah in private airline can she call me on dependent visa.if yes then what is the requirements.

    • She can, she has to ask this from her employer or company.

      • Mohammed Islam

        Dear Sir,
        I am Draftsman my Iqama Is General Election.but have one years Diploma in Interior Designer & Architecture before i go to indai Saudi Embassy but they not accept my diploma they say me you have minimum 3 years diploma we will attested. i need change my professional in Iqama but last time in my old company my professional in Iqama Architecture Draftsman.
        What i can do give me advise dear ?

  • Mehboob Ahmad

    Dear Yasir,

    I have all document for family visa, my Iqama Origin place is Damam, I am working in Riyadh, Can apply for family visa in Riyadh Isteqdam office ?

    • It would be better if you apply from Dammam

  • Qaisar

    I am on family visit visa in saudia. my wife is lecturer in university but her profession on iqama is “moallim lugha ajnabia” can I apply for istaqdam while I’m already in ksa and is this profesion eligible for permanent family visa?

  • M. Abdul Rauf

    Hello Yasir,
    how r u? day before yesterday i applied visit visa for mother in law from Istakdam and Activated from MOFA, but once think i was forget ..i.e. i forgot to take printer out copy which i applied online and i am unable to find the visa status from MOFA…do we have any alternate solution to check the status of visa. please let me know.

    i check from MOI website it’s showing below Status


    Request TypeVISIT

    Request Issue Location

    Follow Up Number4032338598

    Request Date11/01/2015




    Job Categoryأم زوجته

    No. of Visas Requested1

    Request Reason




    ID Number

    Arrival Date

    Arrival Place

    Border No.


    No. of Dependents


    Visa Date

    Visa Issue Place

    Visa Number






    Not Defined

    may i know how many days it will take to get visa and which number we have send to our home country please let me know.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Permanent family visa processing details explanation at Saudi Expatriates

  • vinuth

    Hello yasir

    I am doctor working in burayadh. even my wife is in the same profession. since my son was only two years old, we left him in india. so that we can settle here first and get him later.earlier my son visa was processed along with mine and wife, currently it is expired. I have to apply for fresh permanent visa.

    1. I have his birth certificate, it is not attested from saudi embassy india,but attested ministry of external affairs india. Is it must? or if i get only arabic translated will it be sufficient.

    2.Even my marriage certificate is translated but not attested by saudi embassy india,but attested ministry of external affairs india.

    Please guide me.


    yasir bhai mein saudiarab mein 9 sal se hoon mera profession electroni
    syana hasebat hai ,mein family lana chahta hoon yahan, aur mere pas
    university deegree hain 3 sal ki but same profession ki nahi hai, kia 3
    sal wali deegree ko accept karenge yeh ya nahi plz bhai jald reply karna

  • Casim

    aray bhaiooo family ivsa nahin milta,,, just go to pakistani hell for family

  • Casim

    Very difficult to get permanent family visa, saaley visa detay he nahin… yeh nai ha woo nai haa,,, falan falaaan

  • Faizal Thajudeen

    Dear Mr. Yasir,

    Salam Alykom,

    My profession in Iqama is Marketing Specialist and I have a multiple visa.
    I have a Bachelors in Business Administration degree, however the Saudi attestation is been rejected since they don’t do for open university degrees for the moment. Now can I try for family permanent visa without the attestation on my degree as I already have my profession as an executive level in my Iqama?

    • Well, you can try on the bases of your profession. It is upto Istikdam office either they accept your application or reject it.

  • Muhammed Yosuf

    assalamu alaikum..

    am working ksa dammam.. as a sales.. i need to get my family visa… for my wife and kids.. please help us how should i apply , and what is the mathed

  • sohaib ahmad Siddiqui

    which person have General electric profession he can Apply for Family permanent visa or not?

    • Yes he can apply.

      • ASanoj Abdull Abdullah

        if professional in iqama is general electrician, but i holding enginering dregree with attestation ksa and ind, also applied in SCE BUT I CAN CHANGE MY PROFESSION IN IQAMA in THIS CASE I can apply family visa, its possible

    • ASanoj Abdull Abdullah


  • Sohaib

    Dear Yasir Please i need information my profession is General Electrition so can i get family permanet visa or not please tell me. Thanks,

  • Ghazipura

    Assalam o Aliykum
    what is the Hajj process for Expats.
    do you have any form for it. or link of govt site.

    • There are private hajj operators. You can register with them and they will guide you about their full services.

  • nusaiba

    Sir my husband working in jeddah his iqama profession is spare parts sales can he bring his family to jeddah

    • If your husband has an attested degree he will get a family visa.

  • abdullah

    Dear Sir,
    My Iqama Profession Ticketing but i am not study ticketing job. but i have read DCA in government college in India. Can i apply family visa?

    • I am not much familiar with this educational course / degree. You may check the compatibility with Istikdam office staff.

  • Asif

    Dear Yasir
    Could you please tell me which docs more needed for Family visa. I already have attested degree Nikah nama and B form of kids. All three docs attested by the KSA embassy.
    If you know some other Docs needed for kids please let me know.

    I appreciate your effort.


  • mateen mulla

    My Iqama professional mention is “Funny Karbai”(Technician electricity).but i have one year safety diploma So, am i possible to get8 permanent family visa. Kindly reply me.and what i do

  • winson

    Dear Yasir,
    My profession is an architectural draftsman so can i apply for family visa. (my certificate attested by Saudi embassy)

    • Yes you can. Prepare your file and visit Istikdam office to submit your application.

  • Lourman

    Hi, my iqama profession is Executive Secretary, but I graduated Computer Science and attested already in my country with Saudi Embassy stamped. Am I entitled for a family visa because I’m planning to bring my family here in KSA. I need your urgent reply please. Thank you.

    • Due to my yearly vacation I could not reply earlier. As per my knowledge your iqama profession should be related with your education. If not, then visit Istikdam office and explain them the situation, may be they have a solution for you.

  • Muhammad Umer Saeed Paracha

    Dear Sir,

    My Iqama profession is mandoob mubaiyat,
    can I apply for permanent family visa?

  • feroz khan

    Yasir bhai before my family was here we go on vacation and not come back now I came in other co.i want to bring my family on family visa .is there need to attest birth certificate of children my dauhter born here but son in india so I have birth certificate of daughter in arabic issued from saudia please tell me attestation of birth certificate need both attest or only son certificate.

  • ÃLe Wãris

    my profession is “فني تركيب تكييف وتبريد”and today they(istiqdam) rejected my application for family permanent visa and said this profession is not eligible for family visa you can try visit visa…….
    please somebody help me

    • If Istikdam office has rejected your visa application on grounds of your profession, there is only a way to solve this is by changing your profession. You can ask your sponsor to help you in this.

      • ÃLe Wãris

        But some One told me that you must try second counter coz your profession is good for permanent visa… Is he right??

  • ÃLe Wãris

    Yasir bhai i want to talk you about some issues of family visa…
    please call me anytime i m waiting 0502717247

    • I am ready to help you here. Please ask your question about any issue regarding family visa.

      • ÃLe Wãris

        Yasir i got a slip (tsreeh zyara)from istiqdam and they said go to ministry of foreign affairs and submit this then what should i do in Pakistan….??
        Thanks for your kind reply

  • Jan Xerxes Marchan

    Hi Sir,

    My iqama profession is Salesmen is it possible to get a family visa?

    • If you have an attested degree, Yes, you may apply a family visa.

      • Jan Xerxes Marchan

        Im undergraduate and I study only 1st year college under office management.

  • M. Abdul Rauf

    Dear Yasir Imran,
    Assalamu Alaiakum,
    I am mohammed abdul rauf from india working as a System Analyst in Saudi Bin Ladin Groups Jeddah and my Iqama profession is (Faani Hasib Alali) Computer Programmer / Computer Techinician, i am graduate from B.Sc Computer Science and Attested the Digree from HRD, MOFA and Saudi Counsulate Mumbai and MOFA from Saudi Arabia in Jed and My Marriage Certificate are also attested and translated in arabic from recognized transalation center in jeddah and i am going to apply a parmanent visa for my wife.
    my question is weather they can issue a visa on technical profession please let me know and u r suggestion is most well come please kindly answer me asap.
    May i know the istaqdam office address please kindly share the address please.
    thanks and Regards
    Jazak allah khair

      • M. Abdul Rauf

        Dear Imran,
        My Wife is pregnant and i am planing to bring my bother in law and his wife on visit visa to help for my wife but i am not aware that the visa will be issue for my brother in law and his wife as per the rules, and my mother in law and father in law area very old they can’t travel to saudi arabia. let me know is there any chance to get a visa for my brother in law and his wife and if i produced a letter from doctor then they can issue a visa for them to help for my wife on pregnancy. please kindly provide me a proper information regard this issue.

        Jazak Allah Khair.

  • yasir Ahmed

    Dear Yasir,
    My name is yasir also. i am working in petro rabigh refinery and my profession on IQAMA is welding inspector, i have 3 yrs diploma mecahnical. i visit dammam and jeddah for famaily visa after attest my all documnets. but reject my application with objection on my diploma and professio. as per istaqdam people diploma holder person can not bring there famaily as per rule and yr profession not elligeabale for permenant family visa. kindly reply wihat should i do????

    • Most people think including me that 3 Years diploma is eligible for family visa. I cannot confirm where I read this but I knew it long time ago. However if authorities have rejected your file, I think nothing could be done further. May be try in Jeddah istikdam office if you didn’t try here before.

  • Shams

    Dear Yasir,
    I would like to bring my family here and currently my profession in iqama is ” Secretary ” but when I came in Saudi Arabia it was mentioned in my passport as “Funni Kaharbhai Tumdedaatt” which still not changed. Is it permissible to bring my family here in saudia in this case? Plz reply me.

    • Do you have an Attested Degree? If yes, then you can get a family visa. Prepare your file and submit it to istikdam office.

  • Nasser

    I have completed my IT diploma from Canada and i am working in Saudi Arabia in IT as a systems Analyst and my profession on Iqama is Systems Analyst. But my diploma doesn’t have any Saudi Attestation. However its attested by the Canadian High Commission. Please advise how do i obtain family visa

    • Visit Foreign Office (Ministry of Foreign affairs) and ask them if they accept such a certificate / diploma. If yes, they would stamp it otherwise they will tell you where to attest, May be from Saudi Consulate in Canada.

  • Imad
    • Thank you it is useful, but what I offered is, available in Ms Word, you can type over it in computer using Ms Word and then print it out.