Getting Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

How to Get Family Visa in Saudi Arabia - A Step by Step Guide fo

Everyone among expatriates who are working in Saudi Arabia and living without their families, is interested in having family visa for Saudi Arabia. Because it is not easy to survive in a location where you don’t have your relatives, friends, language mates etc.

Being an expatriate I have gone through this process so I would like to share the process of getting family visa so others can benefit.

Below are prerequisites  and procedures which are required to obtain a Family Visa in Saudi Arabia. This process is divided many steps to make it clear and understandable. Before thinking or proceeding in to this you must be aware that you are required to have a Valid Saudi Iqama, a Suitable Technical Profession that is eligible for applying a family visa as per Saudi Arabian labor laws. If you are not sure your profession is suitable for a family visa you may ask your company’s HR department, legal advisory or corporate representative.

.First Applying for the visa (being in Saudi Arabia) and Second is Applying for Visa Stamping from your Home Country.

Applying for Family Visa Pre-Requisites

Please gather these documents.

  1. Copy of Your iqama.
  2. Copy of Your passport which includes information page, Visa page, Airport Entry Stamp page.
  3. Original Marriage certificate that is attested by Saudi Consulate in your home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country.
  4. Arabic Translation of Marriage Certificate from an approved Translation center located in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Graduation Degree or 3 Years Technical Diploma with attestation from Saudi Consulate in your home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country.
  6. Arabic Translation of Degree from an approved Translation center located in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure for applying Family Visa

  • Get a Letter from your employer which is describing your Profession and salary.
  • Get a Visa Application form from HR Department of your company or nearest Istikdam Office or download it from Pro Saudi Blog, Fill the form in Arabic. Normally the Legal Advisor of your company should do this sort of stuff. (Get this form filled by any Arabic literate person).
  • The Family Visa application form should be stamped/signed by your sponsor(kafeel,company) and you.
  • Get these documents ( pre-requisites + Letter + Visa Application Form) and bind them in one file.
  • Visit Nearest Istikdam office in your city and apply for the visa. Further information can be gathered from the office itself.
  • Istikdam office clerk will issue you a Yellow paper which is actually a Family visa. If Istikdam office didn’t issue in the first appearance, he may give you a later time to come and collect it.
  • After Getting the Yellow paper you can start processing Family Visa from your home country through an agent.
How to get visa stamped in your home country can be discussed in future soon. Keep visiting our blog.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog is not a law professional and does not hold any responsibility of misunderstanding and wrong doing of anyone. The author of the blog has gone through all this process, (1. Documents attestation from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, 2. Change of Profession, 3. Applying for a family visa, 4. Stamping visa to passport from Saudi Embassy and finally getting family in Saudi Arabia. So the above information should be considered a guide-line or information.

The author is not affiliated with any Recruiting Agency, Travel Agency, General Services Agency, Legal firm or Job Provider. The author will not accept any claim of misguidance, fraud or any other thing of same kind. Saudi Arabian Govt might change the law anytime in future so the best option for you to get family visa is; consult responsible department of your company.

Written by 

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • Raheel

    I have profession of Computer technician, but my degree is Bachelor of Science in General subject. can I applied for permanent family visa? also I heard that if the profession is in eligible category then degree attestation isn’t required. is it True?
    Also can someone let me know that Orignal Marriage certificate is must required or copy can work?

  • Wasqur

    Did you get family visa?

  • Sikandar Iqbal

    will some one help that i have B-tech(pass)in electronics degree also attested.which profession will be suitable that i can get family permanent visa

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  • Charan Archiving

    Hi All,

    I am experienced software professional with 10 years of experience having SAP certifications.

    I completed by BA degree in 2015 and recently I am offered a Technical job in KSA.

    Initially KSA company wanted me to work on role of business consultant on commercial business work visa which will be for an extent of 1 month.

    The same visa will be extended by a month while my certificate gets attested.

    Once my certificate gets attested KSA company says they can get permanent low category work visa through which my I can live in KSA with my family.

    The questions I have are:

    1) Will I will be able to get permanent low category work visa with my non Technical degree completed last year? and am I eligible to live with my family in KSA?

    2) Furthermore, the company is not directly paying the salary until my degree is verified. Salary will get credited in colleague account which will be collected in India as long as I was in business visa. Is it usual practice? Are there any problem in it?

    I am bit confused and have to leave current job to work for KSA company. kindly advice.

    Thanks ahead,


  • Saaj Smile

    I am non graduate (12th std) working in Saudi Arabia,and my visa profession is General Cook (Tahim aam) but I am working in Head office as Purchasing officer. Can someone guide me how can I get my profession change or get family visa.

  • Khan

    Hi…calicut university private degree is attested by saudi….if anyone want assistance contact Whatsapp 0582017722…(Saudi)
    Thank you

    • Chullan Man

      hi , i tried to reach this number but failed
      Can i get ur new number

      • Khan

        Whatsapp ±966555736690

        • KTA Razak

          kindly request to hep for getting attestation from saudi embassy

  • Maltesh Patil

    Dear Mr. Yasir,
    I have an offer letter by the company which describes my profession, salary structure & family status eligibility both in English & Arabic attested by MoFA & COC. Is this letter sufficient against the Company Introduction letter to show at VISA office.
    One question: Is it mandatory that our profession in the offer letter & Iqama should be exactly the same? Or our qualification & Iqama profession should match??

  • Saliha majeed

    JazakAllah khaiR I am Doctor and I sent family visa for my husband 2 Years back and he Visited kingdom with Exit Reentry visa. Now I am going For exit and my Husband Still has valid ReENTERY for 6 months.and he is out of kingdom. IS it Compulsory FOR Him To come in kingdom in order to Proceed for e×it Visa for me ? or His Re entry Will be cancelled ALONG with my Exit in JawaZ AT.Kindly Guide me If U Have any idea about it-Thanks


    Dear Yasir brother,



  • afi

    Assalamu alaikum (varah)

    My Iqama profession is Civil Enggineering Drafts Man . but i am finished Diplamo Mechanical Engg.and I have attested my certificate (saudi Empacy & culture ) can i get family perment visa?

    waiting for your feedback brother.

  • amjad

    yasir bhai where i can get the profession list who have allow to bring their family on permanent basis,,i want that list .please provide me my email id is and my profession is other engineering technician on iqama thanks

  • khader

    I have completed 3 year Diploma in computer engineering + PG diploma in Business administration
    with 6 year experience right now i am working as Technical consultant in saudi (work visit visa),which profession i can use for iqama to get family status .kindly advise

  • M Zaheer


    I have B.Com degree from Pakistan. I want to know, is it valid in saudi? Like DAE registers their degrees with Saudi Engineering Council. so where can I register my degree with? and is it valid to apply for a supervisor or manager level profession on Iqama with B.Com?