Getting Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

How to Get Family Visa in Saudi Arabia - A Step by Step Guide fo

Everyone among expatriates who are working in Saudi Arabia and living without their families, is interested in having family visa for Saudi Arabia. Because it is not easy to survive in a location where you don’t have your relatives, friends, language mates etc.

Being an expatriate I have gone through this process so I would like to share the process of getting family visa so others can benefit.

Below are prerequisites  and procedures which are required to obtain a Family Visa in Saudi Arabia. This process is divided many steps to make it clear and understandable. Before thinking or proceeding in to this you must be aware that you are required to have a Valid Saudi Iqama, a Suitable Technical Profession that is eligible for applying a family visa as per Saudi Arabian labor laws. If you are not sure your profession is suitable for a family visa you may ask your company’s HR department, legal advisory or corporate representative.

.First Applying for the visa (being in Saudi Arabia) and Second is Applying for Visa Stamping from your Home Country.

Applying for Family Visa Pre-Requisites

Please gather these documents.

  1. Copy of Your iqama.
  2. Copy of Your passport which includes information page, Visa page, Airport Entry Stamp page.
  3. Original Marriage certificate that is attested by Saudi Consulate in your home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country.
  4. Arabic Translation of Marriage Certificate from an approved Translation center located in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Graduation Degree or 3 Years Technical Diploma with attestation from Saudi Consulate in your home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country.
  6. Arabic Translation of Degree from an approved Translation center located in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure for applying Family Visa

  • Get a Letter from your employer which is describing your Profession and salary.
  • Get a Visa Application form from HR Department of your company or nearest Istikdam Office or download it from Pro Saudi Blog, Fill the form in Arabic. Normally the Legal Advisor of your company should do this sort of stuff. (Get this form filled by any Arabic literate person).
  • The Family Visa application form should be stamped/signed by your sponsor(kafeel,company) and you.
  • Get these documents ( pre-requisites + Letter + Visa Application Form) and bind them in one file.
  • Visit Nearest Istikdam office in your city and apply for the visa. Further information can be gathered from the office itself.
  • Istikdam office clerk will issue you a Yellow paper which is actually a Family visa. If Istikdam office didn’t issue in the first appearance, he may give you a later time to come and collect it.
  • After Getting the Yellow paper you can start processing Family Visa from your home country through an agent.
How to get visa stamped in your home country can be discussed in future soon. Keep visiting our blog.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog is not a law professional and does not hold any responsibility of misunderstanding and wrong doing of anyone. The author of the blog has gone through all this process, (1. Documents attestation from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, 2. Change of Profession, 3. Applying for a family visa, 4. Stamping visa to passport from Saudi Embassy and finally getting family in Saudi Arabia. So the above information should be considered a guide-line or information.

The author is not affiliated with any Recruiting Agency, Travel Agency, General Services Agency, Legal firm or Job Provider. The author will not accept any claim of misguidance, fraud or any other thing of same kind. Saudi Arabian Govt might change the law anytime in future so the best option for you to get family visa is; consult responsible department of your company.

Written by 

Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • paryalsana123456 alikhan

    yasir bhi help me bhi urgent i hav my family iqma visa issused name of karachi so i want stamping from islamabad embassy. that is say give me E number idont know i have offical passport /visa /medical .i am army person so i am 2momth ofter go back pakistan .not coming this is last chance my family so please my con 0583276681 miss

  • Bealley

    my profession is computer maintenance also have 6 month diploma i’m eligible for family visa.or other document required

  • Ittefak Shaikh

    I sent my family last year on final exit they are here on residence visa. I want to bring them back here on permenent residence visa. how can I cancel their final exit or I have to make again application for visa??? on abseer still their Iqama expire date same as mine. pelase help me to bring them back…

  • Ali

    one question visa application should be filled in Arabic? Names also?

  • Ali


    My profession on visa is labour, and i changed my profession general Accountant this will create problem for visa?

    secondly does MOFA KSA stamps also required on documents?

  • zeeshan

    Dear All,
    I submitted my degree for Saudi Culture attastation from Saudi embassy new delhi India. I Submitted it in MAY 2014 but still iit is not done.please tell me how long it will take. i wanna aply for family iqama profession is Computer Technician. please give my some info regarding this matter.



  • Irfan

    Dear Yasir, i have done 3 years DIPLOMA in Computer engineering in certificate is attested by saudi consulate & cultural attache in india. My Iqama profession is Computer Trainer..Am i eligible for family visa

  • Ami

    i have completed 3 year diploma in electronics from india and now in KSA on visit visa eqama is in under process i just wanted to know did i am eligible to bring my family in KSA

  • Mq Sharoz

    Hi, I am coming to KSA on job visa with family status, my wife is already an iqama holder, I entered spouse name in our passports in India, is there going to be a problem on arrival in KSA as my wife will have iqama on her father’s name and passport mentioning spouse name, thanks in advance…

  • Mark

    Hi, i am a postgraduate diploma holder from the Uni of Plymouth UK on Accounting and Finance, working in KSA as a MRP Supervisor, am i eligible to apply for the permanent family visa? to bring my wife here.

    • If your diploma is attested from Saudi Embassy in UK, and it is compliant with your profession, yes you are eligible for applying a family visa. For more confirmation you may show your diploma to Istikdam office in your city. The office which is issuing Family Visas, You may ask anyone who has good local knowledge. Once you have located Istikdam office you may ask from information desk.

      • TARIQ SHAH


  • Mohamed

    Dear Yasir,

    You are doing a Great work and you will get a reward for this from Allah .. In Sha Allah.

    My question is today i went to istiqdam office and the officer said that the fee 2000 sr is not paid, but i paid it through fransi bank online by selecting as follows … alien control –> dependents entry visa fee collection.

    It is reflected in moi website under “Passports Deposit”. Is this correct?

    Please let me know .

    • krishnan

      Dear Mohamed,

      Pls guide me on which web site, to download application form for applying permanent visa.Reading above i found MOI but i couldn’t find the file name and location

  • Anees Ur Rahman

    Dear Yasir,

    Myself Anees, my questions is i have Bachelor degree in computer science with saudi embassy attesation and computer programmer as my iqama profession but my first time arrival visa to ksa is Building Carpenter. If i apply for family visa will i get visa or not…Please advise

    • First time Profession does not matter. I had the same case, but when I changed and I presented my degree along with the application I got my visa approved. So you may change your profession in accordance with your degree and prepare your file for family visa.

      • Anees Ur Rahman

        I went to Isteqdam office, but they rejected saying my iqama profesion is not maching with my degree…They even directed me to meet their Manager but he also rejected saying you are eligible for visit visa only.. I have degree with Bachelor Of Science (Computer Sceince as one of subject) & Iqama as Computer Programmer…. Please advise..

      • Ali

        Dear yasir,

        My profession on visa is labour, and i changed my profession general Accountant this will create problem for visa?

        secondly does MOFA KSA stamps also required on documents?

      • Ali

        Istaqdam is rejecting visa when they see on arrival profession on visa is labour where as iqama profession degree is all fine what to do?

  • syed ahmed

    My visa and iqama profession is Electrical engineer now i want to bring my family i got all the documents but i have to make MOFA on degree and certificates (marriage and son birth certificate) .. but my engineering degree is not been done saudi culture in india but in jeddah i have done saudi council of engineers.

    So doing MOFA and applying for family visa saudi culture is needed on my engineering degree

    please reply its urgent

    • You may submit an application. In case it is rejected you may go for Saudi Culture Verification and submit again.

      • syed ahmed

        Thank your Mr Yasir Appreciate your very kind reply..

        I got one letter from Saudi Council of engineers refering to ISteqdam about my profession.. so is it necessary to do MOFA in Jeddah here … i already have mofa and saudi attestation on my degrees?

        Appreciate your kind reply bhai.

        Jazak Allah Khair.

        • Dear brother. If you have a letter from Engineering Council you may present it to Istikdam office. May be it work for you.

          • Mohsin Ali Baloch

            Dear Yasir.

            I am already Registered from SCE, I have certificate and Card also from SCE, I read from some blog that Is there Letter also required from SCE to Istiqdam for issue visa…
            I complete all my formalities now this is new question raise. please help me to resolve.
            My appointment is on 16 Jnauary 2017. I dont have much time so please help sir


    • Nida Akhter

      hello mr syed ahmed,
      Did you apply with just your SCE certificate? please let me know if it was successful since i am also trying to do the same.

  • amir

    dear sir is there any relation between iqama expiry date and yellow paper expiry date. one of my friend told me that yellow paper is only valid till your iqama expiry date. thank you.

    • It might be true. However if you renew your iqama, Yellow paper will be still valid.

  • Shahzaib

    Aslamlikum I have all the above documents please clear me on this point that do i need to attest the marraige cert. from MOFA ksa? already attested from saudi embassy and MOFA pakistan.

    • Yes you need to verify it from Mofa Saudi Arabia. Because it will verify, Is Saudi Embassy attestation is Valid or not.

  • Noman

    Can I get family visa on an astronomer iqama with an attested computer science degree?

    • You may show it to officers in Istikdam office and your degree as well, They will guide you in better way.

  • ziya

    hi friend, how r u ,hope u will be fine. my name is ziya. currently i am working in iqama profession’Mechanical Draughtsman'(rasam mechanic).can i get permanant family professional certificate of draughtsman is attested by norka roots in india. but saudi attestation not yet.for applying family visa what is the procedure i will do.can i get any agencies here in riyadh for the saudi attestation of my certificates, yours best regards, ziya

    • Saudi Embassy Attestation in your home country is a must.

      • ziya

        thankx for your reply.can i know draughtsman mechanical (rassam mechanic)profession will get permanant family visa in saudi ?please replay me

        • A true and 100% correct answer can only be given by an officer at Istikdam. So I just suggest you visit there and ask any officer or may be from any agent.

  • ziya


  • DAZZ

    Where is the EXACT Location or address of ISTIQDAM in Jeddah, kindly please post the exact address I am here in Khamis. Thank you and appreciate your help YASIR!

  • DAZZ

    Where is the locatem in Jeddah, kindly please post the exact address please I am here in Khamis. Thank you and appreciate your help YASIR!

  • Shahzad Memon

    Sir Yasir i need your help to know the correct profession for my iqama as right now my profession is Marketing specialist and qualification is B.A.

  • Jennifer Rodrigo – Vendivil

    Sir yasir, just want to ask if ever i get my husband and that he is under my sponsoship can he still lokk for a job here in jeddah? thanks

  • Jennifer Rodrigo – Vendivil

    Sir it is great knowing your site because i will be needing all the advice i can get to get thru the process of getting my husband and son here in jeddah, hopefully two years from now, i am a nurse and my salary is more or less 4000sr, only been here for few months now, thanks hope to talk to u soon regarding getting family visa, thanks

  • mohammad khan

    dear bro yasir, i am working in makkah as a house driver, my salary is 2500
    can i able to apply for my family visa
    plz reply me

    • dear brother, I think house driver’s profession is not eligible for family visa.

  • Rahul

    Kindly some one help urgent !!

    I am planning to bring my family to saudi arabia, as i enquired the know-how, I was told that (1) my certificate will not be attested by Saudi Embassy as I did my degree in distance mode. (2) I have my designation as (fanni Kharbayi, Electrical Technician ) on my iqama.

    Please some body help me

    • Degree Attestation is a must requirement if you are planning to bring your family. Also you degree should match your profession on iqama. For example you should have an Accountant profession (محاسب)

  • Mohammad Nasir

    Is yellow category company employees are not eligible for permanent family visa?

    • If you have an eligible Degree + Eligible profession you may apply a family visa. Most probably it will be accepted.

  • mobi

    hi brother please tell me i had BBA degree but i have different position (advertising designer) i need to change according to my degree i get the options which is the best and suitable for me to select my degree has been attested from saudi embessy

    1. Advertising Administration Manager

    2. Administration employee
    3. Marketing Specialists

    please suggest me weather which one is best and dont have any problem after words

    • I cannot give a 100% correct idea, however you may try with (3. Marketing specialist)

  • Hassan Sharfi

    Assalamoalikum. My profession on Iqama is Operations Analyst. Is it eligible for family visa? My Degree is BS Chemical Technology.

  • gh

    if no degree attestation we can get family visa in Saudi arabia

  • Bilal

    Salam Brother,
    I request you to please reply to this at your earliest convenience. My profession on the Iqama is (Mushagil ala tashgeel mubarmaja) which my saudi friends tell is machine operator programmer. I am from Pakistan and have done bachelors in computer sciences. I want to know if i am eligible to apply for the family visa on the above mentioned profession.

    Will be very kind of you if you reply to this. Thanks

    • You can change your profession to Fanni Hasib Aali (فنی حاسب آلی) This profession will match your degree and it is also eligible for family visa.

  • mb mannil

    Dear brother Assalamualaikum
    I am working in saudi MOH as a staff Nurse (Female) and a master degree holder in Nursing which is already attested. I would like to know whether I can get permanent family visa for my husband and children. Waiting for you reply………….

    • Yes you can if Hospital administration allow this.

  • kashif mazhar

    Salam, my name is kashif mazhar, I am working as HSE technician and I have one year attested diploma in related field from Karachi Pakistan. Should I get permanent family visa for my wife and children’s? As I read above to get permanent family visa should have diploma of 3 year. Please guide me in this matter.

  • 人生 百年


    Original Marriage certificate should submit to Istikdam Office in KSAH or only MOFA in home country

    Thanks a lot.

  • Siddharth Nair

    Dear Mr. Imran
    Your post is very helpful. Thank you.
    I have a masters from king fahd university of petroleum and minerals, dhahran, KSA. Could you please let me know if I need to get my degree attested from India, or if my masters certificate will suffice.
    I am a certified telecom engineer, certified by the Saudi Council of Engineers.
    Thank you for you help. Regards.

  • Jerwin

    Hello sir.
    I just want to verify if there is 2000sr visa fee? Im confused because some other say there is and some other none.

    • Yes, there is 2000 SR fee for family visa. First prepare your file, Visit Istikdam office and if they tell you to pay the fee. Then proceed with submitting fee.

  • SNM

    Hello Bhai,

    I am in to IT field, as a .Net developer, can you pls help on the following

    In jeddah i have been offered as System Analyst,
    My MBA finance degree sent for MEA, process is taking slow,
    company wants me to bring me there on a technician visa, later will be converted to Sysem Analyst Visa

    is it going to be a problem in bringing my family to KSA.

    or making an accountant visa will be correct since I have MBA in finance

    pls reply,

    thank you


    • A profession related with your degree is better to achieve a family visa.

  • vicky

    Dear Yasir,
    i issued my wife’s FAMILY VISA through one AGENT… now its not appear in system… any advice?
    plz note one of my friend said i ve to go to ministry of foreign affairs and submit my YELLOW paper copy so they ‘ll enter in system…?

    • That is right. You should visit Foreign office to update your visa in system.

  • Abdus Samad

    Assalam o alaikum
    My iqama is from Dammam but I am working in Yanbu so, for my family visa, do I need to visit Istiqdam of Dammam or it can be done in Jeddah only. Please advise.
    If you know the procedure of changing driving license on new iqama. please do share.

  • Azeez

    dear sir
    I have computer science degree and working dispatcher my I want to change my profession but my degree translated to Arabic not certified from foreign principals advise me am I get family visa??? or I can apply visit visa 1st then I change that in to permanent visa???

    • Only original degree is required to be attested. Translation of documents is not required to be attested. It should only be done from an approved translation center.

      Visit visa cannot be changed into family visa as per Saudi govt laws.

  • md1234

    Hello everyone,

    I am from Lebanon and i am a Muslim and i am
    married to my wife who is a Christian from Philippines through civil
    marriage, would that be or cause a problem to bring my wife to KSA if i
    accepted a job offer there.. specifically because we are married via
    civil marriage and from different religions ?

    Thanks for your help

    • There is no problem in that. You are required to provide full details of your wife as per her passport. Regular family visa application is required.

  • nabil khan

    Plaese give me the mobile no I want collect some information very soon telme istakhdam office kis month may working off karta hay

  • nabil khan

    Dear sir yasir
    mary email per answer thay thain digree attest kay lieay jo kafeel ka NOC paper hay kia MOFA key stamp zaroory hay yaah chamber of comours key stamp kaafi thanks full nabil khan…

  • Hassan

    Dear Mr. Yasir,

    I’m Working on Marketing Specialist Profession and i have Degree from Punjab University Pakistan attested from HEC. Will they issue me Family Permanent visa against this status???

  • Hassan


  • Hassan

    Dear Mr. Yasir,

    I’m Working on Marketing Specialist Profession and i have Degree from Punjab University Pakistan attested from HEC. Will they issue me Family Permanent visa against this status???

  • Ghazipura

    Assalam o Aliykum,

    Dear Yasir,

    Few days back i have gone through a list of allowed or applicable profession for the family visa but was unable to make the copy of it.

    if you have any list of profession that are allowed to call family permanently could you please share.

  • Mohammed Abdullahkhan

    Dear Yasir,
    My profession on Iqama is Mechanic technician and
    I have degree & diploma in Electronics & Instrumentation but not attested
    My question can I get my degree or diploma attested to get permanent family visa..

  • saeed

    My Profession is electronic computer maintenance (electronic sayanah hasbat)
    can I get family visa on this profession?
    thank you

    • If you have an attested graduation degree in Computer science you can apply family visa on behalf of that.

  • julius calagos

    sir good day! i would like to ask if it’s possible to get our child here in Saudi under my wife,my is a nurse in a government hospital and i has a labor iqama only and i know that labor iqama is not allowed to get famiy visa?thank you sir we will wait for your reply.

    • You must ask for the hospital administration or HR, if they allow this or not. If yes they will guide you further steps to get your child here in Saudi Arabia.