How to Issue Family Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Issue New FAMILY IQAMA for your dependents

If your family is recently arrived in Saudi Arabia and you are planning to Issue Family Iqama (dependent’s Iqama) either wife or children, this can be achieved in following easy steps.

Medical Test of Family (Dependents)

Visit any authorized medical center or hospital and ask them to do a medical test of your dependents. Your dependents were already completed a set of medical test in home country, however once reached in Saudi Arabia, another medical test is also required. In case these medical test are also passed, there will be no problem for you to get family iqama for your wife or child. Once the test is completed authorized Hospital or Clinic will submit the report to MOI Online. It will hardly take 1-2 days.

Visiting Jawazaat Office

Once you are sure the medical result is online, visit Jawazaat office which is authorized to issue new family iqama. Normally it is one dedicated Jawazaat office in each city for doing this. In Jeddah City it is located in Al-Rehab Dist (حي الرهاب).

Required documents to Issue a new family iqama

  • 2 photographs of each family member
  • 1 Copy of passport (First Page & Visa Page)
  • 2 copies of your iqama
  • a filled form

You can obtain MOI form from the internet and fill it by yourself, however I recommend it to get it filled by an agent. Various agents are sitting outside Jawazaat office on the road. They charge SR 10 for filling 1 form.

Once the form is filled, go to Jawazaat building. You may ask the exact hall where new Iqama is issued from the officer at receptionist in case you didn’t find a point arrow or mini-board. Once you reach in the hall, get a ticket and submit your documents upon your turn. The officer might ask you for original Iqama. Also they can retrieve information through Air-port entry number. It will take maximum 2 to 5 minutes and Family Iqama for your dependents will be printed.

Thank you.

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Yasir Imran is a Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia since 2004. He writes because he want to express his thoughts and share his knowledge about expatriate issues in Saudi Arabia.
  • Javeed Ahmed

    I got Iqama for my family today in Riyadh.If your family has newly arrived you have to visit the Jawazat office in Aziziyah,SAPTCO bus station to get the Iqama.
    There is no fees required to get the new Iqama for family(many people are confused with this).
    Documents Required are:
    1.Iqama application form(your company will fill it and stamp it at the required place)
    2.Passport copy(family and sponsor)
    3.Iqama copy of sponsor
    4.Original Medical report
    5.Visa page copy from passport.

  • faizal

    For first iqama for family. We have to take insurance for family under boarder no. Then our iqama will expire within two month. that time i will renew my family members also. we have to take insurance again under iqama no?


  • Guest

    Dear Experts for 4 years child also need any fitness report for making first iqama please share.

  • Hammad

    Is there any online appointment is required to issue the family iqama? or i can get the appointment from Jawazat easily…… Can i get the same day appointment.

  • doctor 112


  • doctor 112


  • doctor 112


  • Edwin

    Anybody reply for this, kindly confirm if a Medical check-up is a requirement for a dependent of an 11 years old son to get an iqama? Please I need your advices, Thanks.


    Is is possible to add my mother in the family visa

  • Mohamed Azarudeen

    Is it necessarily to take medical insurance for family dependent on arrival and for new iqama issuance at Kingdom

    • Mr.Khan


  • salahuddeen

    Dear Mr. Yasir
    How about the fees for wife’s and kid’s iqama? is it compulsory to take Medical insurence for both before applying iqama? kindly reply

  • Jasim

    Brother Please tell me one thing. My family came in saudarabia before two days on resident visa. I have one child of two years. Is there mandatory of his medical.

  • Syed Tariq Shah

    Yasir Imran, i have BA Degree in Arts attested by Saudi Culture and Embassy, which profession is suitable for me to bring family permanently ??

  • i have Graduation degree attested by Saudi Embassy etc (All attestation complete) as per my company thy don’t allow to give us good profession, as they dont have this type of work, shall i apply family VISA on base of my education ? please assist

    • I think it will be compulsory for you to change profession. You may visit Istikdam office and ask them about your current profession

      • Dear I submit my educational certificate to my HR now they are saying they did not return original documents to me because they need to submit original documents, if i change my profession i will lose my original certificate

        please advice & supervise me

        • Mr.Khan

          original only require to verify they cant take your degree certificate.

  • if some one got VISIT VISA for her wife & Married Daughter, shall married daughter travel to Saudi Arabia alone ?

    • I have no knowledge about that but if we see it logically, Yes she will travel alone.

  • Basheer Omassery

    Dear Brother,

    y family came in permanent visa five months back. I have completed medical and insurance for them. Original passport given to company for making them iqama. They are not doing it as they are busy with some other works. My iqama issu place is riyadh and i work in makkah. If i take original passport and go direct to jawasath in makka, can i get there iqama?

  • nabil khan

    Please help me brother meray pass diploma nahi hay baaqi sub daucuments complete hain digree inter ki pakistan agent kay pass hay wou kahta hay diploma zaroori hay may kafeel kay pass mastouday may sales ka kaam kartaa hoon suply may auor kafeel ka sampl noc paper bhi agent bhaija hay mery family karachi may hay please koi tareeka hou tou family visay ka kaf
    eel meray saath hay koi bhi latter mil sakta hay iqamay per mandoob mubiat likha hay may koi bhi charges apkay they thoonga yaa kessy agent ka nomber send karthain yhaa jedah aakay aap say miloon please help me thanks

    • bhai jan jab tak aap k pas graduation ki degree na ho tab tak aap family visa k lye aply nahi kar sakte, very sorry. agar agent aap ko diploma attest karwa kar de sakta hai tu diploma attest karwa lain, ho sakta hai uss se kam chal jaye