Cyan Water Park Soft Opening Promotion Buy 1 Get 1 Free



Cyan waterpark is one of the biggest waterpark located in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia. It was opened recently on 20th September, 2022 on the occasion of Saudi National day. The park features more than 11 Water rides. Cyan waterpark features four different kinds of restaurants, swimwear accessories, toy shop, animal zoo and farm.

Cyan waterpark offers soft opening promotion of Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ticket which you can buy directly from their website

There are 3 type of Entry tickets available at Cyan website, Adult Ticket, Junior Ticket and Special Ticket. Cyan Waterpark is located on King Saud Road beside Madina road overhead bridge. Below is the location map of Cyan waterpark.

No Barriers Around Kaaba After 2 Years of Covid Restriction

There are no barriers around holy Kaaba Now!

It is happened after two years. Earlier due to Covid19, barriers were placed beside Holy Kaaba so that visitors cannot touch this holy place.

But as times are not that hard like before and God has made easier for humans to handle pandemics so authorities took this decision to remove the barriers around Holy Kaaba.

Impact of 15% Vat on Prices in Saudi Arabia

VAT rate will be increased in Saudi Arabia from 01-July-2020 from 5% to 15%. Value added tax of 5% was introduced by the authorities back in 01-Jan-2018. It remained at same rate till 30-June-2020.

Below is a comparison of prices before and after 15% Vat is applied. For simple understanding, figures are rounded to nearest amount. This is just for information purposes. Actual new prices may vary depending on your on-site transactions. Thanks

What you buy today inWill become when 15% Vat

Note: if you are unable to understand this price comparison. You can take a look at this spreadsheet / excel file for better understanding this.

Understanding 15% Vat Excel Sheet

How Hajj 2020 will be performed in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian authorities has allowed residents to perform hajj 2020 under Strict Health Measures to make sure the safety of all pilgrims.

According to Saudi Gazette below measures are taken for Hajj 2020

  • Social distancing of pilgrims is enforced, e.g they must keep a safe distance from other pilgrims.
  • A maximum number of 10,000 people may perform Hajj this year
  • All pilgrims will be tested for diseases before they reach the holy sites
  • All hajj workers & volunteers will be tested for diseases before they can serve the hajjis.
  • Only People aged less than 65 years are allowed to perform hajj
  • After Performing the hajj, pilgrims will be asked to self quarantine
  • Health Status of all pilgrims will be checked on daily bases
  • A special hospital will be prepared for emergency situation during hajj

KSA Pandemic Daily Review April 04

Overview: Alhamdulillah everything is still stable on the roads. If you need something go between 9 and 12 noon. Lazy morning sleepers Panic last minute and rush to buy small stuff between 12 and 2. No scares or panic. #stayhome

Major updates: Whole kilo 14, Mahjer, Gulail, Kurayaat, Kilo 13 and petromin in Jeddah are added to Makkah and Madinah (Borders of these areas closed) for these areas between 6am and 3pm people allowed outside ONLY if you need ATM, grocery store, restaurant or pharmacy. Recommended to walk. No more than 2 people allowed in a car if you need to take a car. No driving out of your locality. Rest 3pm to 6am Curfew across the kingdom.

Delivery apps delivering supermarket and pharmacy supplies.